Looking for University Life Coaching Programs?

University life coaching programs are becoming more prevalent as the life coaching industry grows. Though the majority of coaches get their training from more stand-alone coaching academies or schools, traditional colleges and universities are beginning to develop life coaching programs to teach the future life coaches of America.

University Life Coaching Programs
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Consider the Criteria for Coaching Schools

When selecting a coaching program at a traditional university, here are a few things to consider:

  • Is the school accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF)?
  • Does the school offer electives as well as the core classes need for a certification?
  • Is the school right for your particular situation – some schools may only admit students with experience while others may require a bachelor’s degree?
  • Does the school offer practical experience and mentor training?
  • Does the cost of the university program fit your budget?

University life coaching programs vary from school to school – it is important to know before you go!

University Life Coaching Programs

The following colleges offer life or leadership coaching programs. A university life coach program is a great way to begin your career path in the life coaching field.

  • University of California – Davis. It’s a five-month program offered twice a year at a cost of $8305.
  • Rutgers University. A leadership coaching program which costs $9950.
  • University of Wisconsin – Madison. Offers a certificate program that costs $8900.
  • Georgetown University. Offers leadership coaching through eight required courses at a cost of $11,995.
  • George Mason University. Offers a program title, “Leadership Coaching for Organizational Well Being.” The program cost is $9995.
  • University of Texas- Dallas. Offers a Organizational and Executive Coaching program for $10,000.

You Don’t Need College, but You Need Training

Though going to a university for coach training is one way to go, most individuals look for online coaching programs or seminar-type training to learn needed skills and earn certifications. Dozens of these exist, but buyer beware.

Many of these programs are great, some are good, and a few don’t offer what they advertised. Just as many students were parted from their money and got nothing in return when they signed up for Trump University, there are some coaching programs that do the same thing.

Do Your Research Before Signing Up for Coach Training

Whether you are looking for university life coaching programs, online coach training, or seminar-style training, you must do your research.

  • Does the training fit your budget and schedule?
  • Does the training offer certification?
  • Is the training accredited by the ICF or another governing body?
  • Does the training offer the specialization you are seeking?
  • Does the training have a good reputation?
  • Is the customer service helpful and friendly (call or write them to find out)?
  • Do they offer mentor training?

With the right coach training, you will be on your way to a great career as a coach. Though training isn’t required, training matters. It shows potential clients that you took the time to be the best coach you can be; it helps you learn the skills needed to be that great coach; serves as a component of the professionalism of coaching; and it helps you create mentor and peer networks.

Whether you’re looking for university life coaching programs, or one that can be taken online, make sure to get the education you need to find outcomes for your future clients and build a good reputation in the industry.

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