Life Coaching Business Pitfalls: Why Your Friends Can’t Help You With Your Coaching Career

You may have great friends, but when it comes to taking your life coaching business to the next level don’t expect them to be able help you.  They may care about you and love you, but if you do what you need to do to take your coaching career to the next level it will rock their boat.  You may think you will have more to offer them and they may even believe it to some extent.  But there will also be a great deal of uncertainty about your relationship if your life coaching business takes off.  If your coaching career is successful will you still need them?  Will you still have time for them?

You Must Get the Wheels Moving if You Want to Take Your Life Coaching Business to the Next Level

I’m not suggesting that your friends would ever try to purposely sabotage your life coaching business or would wish you less than success in your coaching career.  They will even try to help you with advice or practical technological help getting your website up.  But they can’t help you with what you really need to do to take your coaching career and your life coaching business to the next level.  That you will have to do alone.

Your Coaching Career Will Only Succeed if You Can Overcome Your Personal Challenges

In any aspect of your life, from your personal life to your life coaching business, your biggest enemy is yourself.  Behind every goal, challenge or obstacle, is an emotional triad that wants you to stay the same.  That triad consists of the old beliefs about yourself, the language you use to describe yourself, and the way you physiologically feel.  Unless you change these, your coaching career will remain as it is.

So if you want to see a difference in your life coaching business or your coaching career, take a stand for yourself.  Give yourself the time and resources you need to do the work that must be done.  Obstacles are not always unpleasant.  Sometimes they are disguised as invitations to lunch with a friend, getting your desk organized, or even reading emails.  You’re going to have to make choices when you don’t have a boss looming over your head, and you may have to face looking like the bad guy at times to make your dreams a reality.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Bi-Designated Strategy and Accountability Coach

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