Life Coaching Business: Use Benefits to Get Your Client Excited About Paying Your Coaching Fees

In your life coaching business, use benefits to get your potential client excited to pay your coaching fees. Many coaches, when building their life coaching business, think they are already doing that. Are they? More often than not, most do not use the benefits effectively enough. This is a very important skill. Why? So you can command the coaching fees you deserve in your life coaching business.

How To Get Your Client To Pay Your Coaching Fees: Use The Benefits Of Your Life Coaching Business That THEY Are Interested In

Many coaches who start a life coaching business, mistakenly sell the benefits to the client that the coach thinks are important. How do you know what benefits the potential coaching client is interested in paying for in your coaching fees? First, you must ask them. Second, you must listen to their answer. This is the reason we have two ears and one mouth. Many coaches could double their coaching fees and enrollments by listening better. Learn what benefits interest your potential client and add to the perceived value of your coaching fees. Once you know what those benefits are, share with them how your life coaching business can help them enjoy those benefits.

Use One Of Two Kinds Of Benefits To Get Your Prospective Client Excited To Pay Your Life Coaching Business Coaching Fees

There are two types of benefits in your life coaching business. The two types are direct benefits and indirect benefits. Direct benefits you can hear, touch or see. When you purchase a car, one direct benefit could be a satellite radio. An indirect benefit is one that you would receive as a result of having the car. For example, you might feel more successful in a convertible. Which type of benefit is more important to get your potential client excited about paying your coaching fees? The one that the prospective client of your life coaching business feels is more important.

Kris Thompson
JTS Advisors Strategy Coach

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