Life Coaching Basics for Aspiring Coaches

If you have visited this blog to know more about becoming a life coach, here are some life coaching basics.

Many people struggle each day with a sense that they will never live up to their full and true potential. With life coaching, anyone can achieve their true potential. They can reach their goals and find something special within themselves that will make their life more fulfilling. 

So, what are the basics of life coaching?

Life Coaching Basics in a Nutshell

Coaching that is undertaken professionally can be defined as a relationship or an alliance between the coach who has certain qualifications and an individual or even a group. Coaching is done to achieve goals that have been set by the person being coached.

Contrary to popular belief, life coaching is not therapy. Life coaches are not psychologists either. 

Unlike a therapist or a psychologist, a life coach will not work with his or her client to discover the roots of their problems. Instead of looking to the past, a coach will help their client look to the future. At the end of the process, an individual will be able to clearly identify his or her goals and develop the tools and resources that are needed to achieve them.

Life coaches act as radical catalysts to provoke their clients into action. One important life coaching basic is that it is founded on the belief that people know the answers to their own questions. If you are on a journey blindfolded, only you can take the covering off your eyes; and so, coaches can help you to discover your life’s purpose whether it is in relationships, business, career, or health.

Experts of Life

Most people ask if life coaches are experts in life. In essence, they are — coaches are experts of their own lives. A life coach does not tell a client what to do but helps them find their own path because that was what the life coach did to make their own lives successful. Every person is different; every way of life has its own purpose. The client is the only qualified person to make decisions on how to better their lives emotionally, psychologically, and materially. 

They may not know it, but they have the power to recognize which key decisions in their lives are best for them. Every day, people make choices that may impact their lives. Life coaches can help people realize certain aspects of their lives, and then provoke them into action to make life more fulfilling. They also help people to concentrate on their inner skills and talents and develop them.

Final Thoughts…

Whether the client desires to work towards owning and operating their own business, accelerating their career, finding balance between work and family, or merely looking for a way of identifying what will make them happy in their lives, a life coach is an ideal partner.

It must be noted that the job of the life coach is not to take the client from Point A to Point B; instead, he or she will help them to learn the mental tools that they will need to reach their destination on their own and provide encouragement along the way.

May these life coaching basics serve as your stepping stones to becoming a life coach!

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Jeannie Cotter
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