Life Coach Salary Texas: Prospects & Trends

The average life coach salary in Texas is higher than in most states in the U.S. However, it may be hard to consider this field without understanding what life coaching salary is in different cities. You should also consider the best-paying niches. In this guide, we’ll give you the information you need to determine whether or not being a life coach in Texas could make you successful and help you live your best life.

Life Coach Salaries in Texas

Recent surveys suggest that the average life coach salary in Texas is around $23,923 (25th percentile) to $62,466 annually. This is more than the average life coach salary, but not quite as much as what other industries pay. What’s even more interesting is how much coaches can earn on an hourly basis – and just how many hours they need to work each week or month to hit those figures. And while salary figures are important, you should also look at factors like job outlook, the potential for growth, and level of education required to enter into your career of choice.

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Life Coach Salary Texas: Cities Where Coaches Earn Above the Average Salary

Dallas, Odessa, Waco, San Angelo, Arlington, and Fort Worth are some of the cities where life coaching is very popular. These cities have high densities of people that make perfect life coaching clients. Of course, there are some other cities in Texas such as Lubbock, El Paso, Corpus Christi, and Amarillo that also have a big population. All these cities offer great career opportunities for those who want to start their own life coaching business in these areas. 

According to data by ZipRecruiter, coaches in San Angelo are the best paid with an average of $62,542 annually or $30.07 per hour. Dallas, Fort Worth, Round Rock, and Odessa are the other cities where a life coach earns at least $60k per year. Other cities also pay relatively higher than the average in Texas. For example, Arlington coaches earn around $53K on average whereas Waco and Grand Prairie coaches earn around $50K on average.

Coaching Niches That Are in Demand in Texas

One of several coaching niches that are in demand in Texas is health life coaching. As people’s lifestyles continue to change, many individuals find themselves balancing personal, professional, and social obligations. Health life coaches offer clients a listening ear and support to help them achieve goals they might not be able to pursue on their own.

While health life coaches are popular in Texas, interestingly running coaches earn the highest in Texas i.e. an average of $85,380 annually. Financial and safety coaches are the other two most common forms of life coaching in Texas. 

Overall, life coaching has become very popular throughout Texas; 14% of Texans practice some form of life coaching whether through personal career development or using it in business. These numbers are only expected to grow as more recognition and opportunities arise for life coaches working in Texas.

For those looking to enter life coaching in Texas, now is a great time with little competition and high potential. Financial life coach salaries range from 40k-65k per year while relationship life coaches get paid an average of 50k-100k per year depending on experience and expertise.


The future is bright in terms of life coaching salary in Texas. In an ever-growing profession, life coaches will continue to make a significant impact in both personal and professional lives for years to come. The nature of the business may change, but humans will still need help dealing with their inner demons and approaching self-awareness. If your niche is unique and you truly excel at what you do, perhaps clients would be willing to pay you more for your services.

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