Life Coach Careers: Do You Have What it Takes to Become a Career Coach?

Become a Career Coach and Have One of The Life Coach Careers of Your Dreams

Would you be coaching from Peru via Skype, or taking a month off for travel because you want to see the Olympics live? You would set your own hours, and really own your own life. Do you really think you have what it takes to become a career coach? Or are life coach careers just one of your many daydreams?

Many people who are just starting their life coach careers wonder the same thing. Is this really possible? Are people with life coach careers successful? Can I be successful? Those are dangerous questions, because if you are looking for answers outside yourself you may not be ready to become a career coach.

When you Become a Career Coach, Remember, Life Coach Careers are Not Jobs

And the mindset that is needed to become a career coach is quite different than the mindset required to be an employee. If you want to become a career coach you will have to go against the current and decide that real job security lies in shaping your own destiny.

Think of these examples in the context of life coach careers:  If we were to travel to a country where people believed that dropping an umbrella on the floor means there will be a murder in the house, you’d probably say that was superstitious, even ridiculous. There are tribal societies around the world that believe in the power that the ‘witch doctor’ has over your health and well-being.  Again, you might laugh at these ‘superstitions’, because we see the ‘real’ reasons why the sky is blue and why we get sick or healthy, right?

Life Coach Careers Must be ‘Superstition Free’

However, when you become a career coach, you will deal with a different type of ‘superstition’.  In modern society, a lot of us have been raised with the ‘superstition’ that you should go to college and get good grades so you can get a good, steady job, and that if you do, you’ll be happy, wealthy, and successful, and even more importantly, safe. Here in the U.S. for example, most people work for about 40 years with 2 weeks vacation a year, hoping to retire one day and finally follow their dreams.  To us, this is normal, but to someone who is successful in one of the many life coach careers that require a business owner mentality, this idea of the daily grind is a superstition at best… not a reality.

If you become a career coach, there are no steady paychecks, no paid vacations, and in fact if you become your own boss you may find that you get paid last. There is no pay for overtime, no paid sick days. But if you become a career coach who does what needs to be done without having anyone standing over you making sure it is done right, you will have lived a life others only dream of. And your career will be added to the list of life coach careers that others aspire to have.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Accountability Coach

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