Is an Accredited Coach Training Program Necessary?

If you are thinking of becoming a coach, you may be wondering if an accredited coach training program is necessary. There is no definitive answer to the question, but for most individuals it is better to take one of the many accredited coach training programs available today.

Life or any other type of coaching is not regulated in the United States. Anyone can hang out a shingle, place an ad in the classifieds, or build a website, and call themselves a coach. The low cost and ease of entry means that there is a large pool of under-trained and ill-equipped coaches vying for business. Many of these people probably have no idea what it truly means to be a coach or what responsibilities come with the title – an accredited coach training program would have helped them!

Is Training Necessary?

Training is not necessary in the legal sense, but it can help separate the good coaches from the clueless ones. Every training program offers core skills and knowledge that coaches can use to help their clients. Some individuals, either because of extensive life or work experience, or because of highly tuned natural, intuitive skills may turn out to be great coaches without any formal training, but that is not a common experience. Training prepares you to be a coach and provides you with the necessary foundation to become a successful coach.

Is an Accredited Coach Training Program Necessary?

If you believe that training matters, you may be wondering if accreditation matters. Of course, since you can be a coach without any specific training, you can certainly become one without being accredited. But, it helps. Programs that are accredited by the ICF (International Coach Federation), or some other governing body adhere to certain standards and teach core skills vital to the art and science of coaching. There is no legal requirement to take an accredited coach training program, but it can help you become a better coach and earn respect from both peers and clients.

Coaching is a growing industry and it offers the potential for both career and financial success. However, it has become a competitive field, and any type of training that elevates you above others in the field may provide you with an advantage. If you have training, you will be above those who enter the business without training. If your training is with an accredited program, you will be above those who are not accredited and certified. An accreditation with more than one governing body and multiple certifications will elevate you above coaches with only one certificate or accreditation.

There is no legal requirements, or even industry standards that mandate any training before becoming a coach, nor is taking an accredited coach training program needed before you can hang out a shingle and call yourself a coach. But, training from an accredited program can sure help snag more clients than the next guy in a very competitive industry.

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  1. Kristine says

    Yes I believe so. Added knowledge will never hurt and by having the skills and tools to become a better coach is the key to your success.

  2. Kazee says

    Enrolling in a training program is very beneficial especially if you have just begun your career as a coach. Make sure though that the programs you enroll in are in line with the niche you would like to enter and that they are accredited coaching programs.

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