How Would My Own Money Coach Help Me?

What if I had my own money coach?

My Own Money Coach
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This is a question that money coaches should be asking themselves. Why, you ask, would a money coach need a money coach?

Why Would a Money Coach Need a Money Coach?

The short answer is: a money coach doesn’t need a money coach.

The long answer is: a money coach should pretend to need a money coach and go through the process of thinking about what they would look for if hiring and retaining a money coach.

Why a Money Coach Should Pretend to Need a Wealth and Money Coach

If you spend some time thinking about what qualities you would look for in a money coach it will give you some ideas about what others are looking for when they seek to hire a wealth coach.

Ask the question, “What would my own money coach be like?”

Your answers will help you create a marketing plan, define your target market, enhance your focus on your potential clients, become a better coach, and be a more successful coach.

My Own Money Coach

Here are a few things to consider when thinking about what experience, attributes, characteristics, and qualities wealth and money coaches should possess:

  • What training do they have? Was it from an accredited institution? Do they have multiple certifications? Have they continued to take courses, classes, seminars, and accredited programs? As coaching gets more competitive, potential clients will be looking for those who have spent the time to receive quality training and education.
  • What experience do they have? This is important to some; not so important to others. Experience will usually influence fees – the more experienced coaches can charge more. Considering experience will help you set your fees so they look attractive to potential clients.
  • What type of coaching skills do they have? There are two reasons to ask this. The first is obvious; you want a coach with real skills who can help you find the outcomes you seek. The second reason to consider this is that potential clients may want to know what skills you have before shelling out their hard-earned money. How do they find that out before paying? Offer some free coaching advice, or even a free session. Wouldn’t you want a free test drive before paying? I would want my own money coaching expert to give me a free or discounted chance to find out more about their coaching skills.
  • What kind of listening skills do they have? My own money coach better be a good listener. After all, this is a crucial part of coaching. Thinking about my money coach’s listening skills will make me analyze my own listening skills just a bit more.
  • Does my own money coach have a broad range of knowledge? Wouldn’t it be best to hire a money coach who has skills in many areas of wealth and finances? Investments, budgeting, retirement savings, debt management, behavior modification, and purchasing more for less. A good money coach should be a financial jack-of-all-trades.

The more you know about how you want to be helped by a money coach, the better you can serve your own clients and present yourself to potential new clients.

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