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Not that anyone is going to let me run a television channel, but if I could put together my own Money Coach TV station, I have a lengthy list of ideas about the programming.

Money Coach
Money Coach

I Want My Money Coach TV

An early slogan for the music channel, MTV, was I Want my MTV. So, to borrow a phrase, I Want my Money Coach TV. I’m not sure why there isn’t already a channel focusing on money coaching. There are many business channels on cable – CNBC, Fox Business, and others. There are also many business and investing shows, including many infomercials about investing, but I don’t see a Money Coach television station. I think TV needs a station entirely devoted to money coaching

Programming on My Money Coach Television Station

My television station about money and money coaching, if anyone would allow me to program a TV station, would include a variety of programming. It would be vastly different than the business and investing shows currently on TV. They often focus too heavily on the stock markets and cryptic information about charts, numbers, figures, and business trends that cater to sophisticated investors and high-level money managers.

My television station would cater to the regular people – individuals and families who want to earn, save, invest, and have a little more money.

Here is a list of potential programs – programs that would mirror what a money coach actually does – after all, this is Money Coach TV!

  • Budgeting. There would be a few different programs on the power of budgeting. Budgeting is the foundation of solid money principles. Everyone should understand how to create a budget and stick to it! Programming would include budgeting for both households and businesses.
  • Behavior Analysis. Yes, a money coaching television station would have programming about psychology. People often get into financial trouble because of their behaviors, whether it is obsessive gambling, excessive debt, impulse buying, or something else. You can’t coach money issues without addressing behavior.
  • Debt. The use of debt is everywhere. Credit cards, student loans, car loans, mortgages, and more. Almost everyone has some form of debt (usually a mortgage). But debt can be both troubling and trouble! Programming would include shows on how to stay out of debt, how to get out of debt, how to use debt effectively, and why debt can be such a crushing burden if not managed effectively.
  • Investing and investments. You can’t be a money coach and not work with your clients on investments. Money coaches do not sell investment products or usually promote specific investments, but they do help clients understand various types of investment vehicles. Money Coach TV shows will include programs about retirement accounts and saving for the golden years, college accounts and how to pay for higher education, rainy day funds and saving for emergencies, vacation funds because everyone needs some time off, the juxtaposition of risk and reward when investing, and how to get the most for your investment dollar.

Specific investments. I know money coaching doesn’t usually deal with specific investments or the stock market, but this is TV and my Money Coach TV would have programs on various types of investments. These programs would provide viewers would a greater understanding of various investments and would allow them to have more knowledgeable conversations with their stock brokers or financial advisors.

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