What is the Role of a Success Life Coach?

A success life coach is a fancy name for a life coach – all life coaches are seeking success for their clients. But, if you are going to brand yourself with “success” in the title, you better have outcomes for your clients that bring success!

Success Life Coach
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Adding Success to Your Title Means That You Better Get Results

Though a success life coach is really just a life coach, adding that one extra words gives potential clients the idea that you focus on success in your practice – it may make you sound more advanced and more results oriented. That’s great for advertising and promotion – but you back be able to back it up with results.

You better be able to find outcomes for your clients that shot out: SUCCESS. You need to walk the walk (get the results) if you are going to talk the talk (promote yourself as a success life coaching expert).

The Role of a Success Life Coach

Do the following and you will be a successful success coach – you will be an in-demand life coach who finds successful results for their clients.

  • Surround yourself with the trappings of success. Clients will be looking for evidence that you are successful. Have a well-appointed office, dress for success, and present yourself with an air of class and success. Obtain the right certificates, from an accredited coaching program, and know y9our stuff – coaching tools, skills, and information.
  • Offer unending support for clients in their journey to achieving goals. Be a source of information, a shoulder to cry on, a motivational coach, and a constant source of inspiration.
  • Be skilled at identifying obstacles and attitudes that are holding your clients back from reaching their goals. The more you can give your clients those “aha” moments, the more client you will attract and retain.
  • A respected and in-demand success life coach will be able to offer strategies, processes, and concepts that help clients create their own strategic plans and road maps.
  • Be skilled working with both short and long-term goals and strategies. Clients will often need help with both, whether or not they know it when they sign up for your services.
  • Be highly skilled at providing feedback and serving as an accountability partner. You need to be able to be tough and tell it like it is, in a nice way of course. But, coaching has no room for sugar-coating – be honest, fair, and tough.
  • Be able to handle and process feedback from your clients. Their feedback, negative and positive will make you a better coach.

The Coach’s Journey – From Goal to Success

As a success life coach, each client journey begins with a goal and ends with success. This is your role – if you can get a client to identify their goals and then help them reach those goals, you have taken them on a successful journey. The more successful journeys you are a part of it, the more success you will find as a life coach.

Give this strategy a try and see for yourself that it works. If you liked this coaching tip, leave a comment or use the handy bookmark buttons below to share it with others on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc. Thanks!

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