How to Get Life Coach Clients in Your Life Coaching Business: Is It Job No. 1?

Job No. 1 of 3 in Your Own Life Coaching Business: How to Get Life Coach Clients

How to get life coach clients is job number one. Your own life coaching business is going to profit and prosper based upon this one ability. Although there are three parts to any of the coaching models that will help your own life coaching business:

  • Coaching Skills (and how to implement them for your coaching clients)
  • Business Skills (and how to use them in your own life coaching business), and
  • Action (keeping momentum and consistently moving in the right direction).

The ability to get life coach clients will be the ‘dark overlord’ over all of them.


Even lazy life coaches who know how to get life coach clients will win the game over the hard working ignorant.

Even coaches with lousy coaching skills will do okay if they know how to get life coach clients.

But the prodigy life coaches with phenomenal coaching skills that aren’t good at the ‘how to get life coach clients‘ game will not survive (or barely survive). Even the hard working coaches can’t prosper if they don’t know how to get the clients.

Today you’ll learn about some of the most important thoughts, considerations, and questions you can ask about developing the ability to get life coaching clients in your own life coaching business.

How to Learn And Use Coaching Business Skills: How to Get Life Coach Clients in Your Life Coaching Business

Making money in your life coaching business is just business skills.

Do you think you could learn some business skills? Millions of people have learned business skills over the last thousand years, so there’s no doubt that you can learn some business skills.

Here Are The Most Important Business Skills You’ll Need To Learn In Your Life Coaching Business:

Life Coach Selling Skills:

You need to learn how to sell coaching. People don’t want coaching, they want the results that coaching will bring them. Yes, to be fair they may enjoy (or learn to enjoy) the coaching conversations that produce the results but, for the most part, they just want the results.

In order to help people make a decision to pay for your coaching, you’ll need to powerfully help them link what they want most with the coaching that you’ll give them, and then support them in taking action on their purchase.

This doesn’t mean you have to be ‘slick’.

This doesn’t mean you have to lie or blow things out of proportion, or even distort the negatives…

…but you’ve still got to help your coaching prospect connect the dots.

Life Coach Marketing Skills:

The real role of marketing in a life coaching business is to get interested people in touch with you. If you can identify the people in the world that are simply interested in what you have to offer them, and warm them up to you a little bit, then you’re in great shape with your marketing.

The problem is that most people, much less most coaches, have NO idea how to find, direct, and sequester INTERESTED PEOPLE.


That’s like trying to make a pumpkin into a walrus.

Life Coach Internet Skills:

If you aren’t ‘into’ the internet then you’re probably spending four times as much on your marketing and advertising as you need to.

If you aren’t ‘into’ the internet then you’re probably missing out on TWICE as many clients with HALF as much work involved to get them.

You need to learn to advertise with google adwords to bring in life coach clients.

You need to learn to set up an email database with an online sign-up form to have a successful life coaching business.

You need to learn to use a wordpress blog and post videos and audios to create a following in your life coaching business.

Reality of Life Coaching Business: 70% of Your Success as a Life Coach is Knowing How to Get Life Coach Clients

If you learn all the above skills, and use them every week in your life coaching business, then you’ll grow and grow and eventually thrive. There will be no question about where the business will come from. There will always be money issues, but not issues about whether or not you’ll have enough and be able to continue to run your life coaching business. Learn how to get life coach clients and the rest will come with time.

Jeffrey T. Sooey
CEO, JTS Advisors
Founder, Coaches Training Blog community

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