How to Choose Courage Over Comfort in Your Coaching Business

When it’s time to go to work on your coaching business, which do you choose?

Courage or Comfort?

You can’t have both.

If you think in the short term, comfort may feel like the best route.

It’s tempting to embrace comfort, isn’t it?

But you know that living a life of only instant gratification will never create lifelong fulfillment for you, right?

So, how can you do the things that you need to do to grow your coaching practice when the sofa is calling your name to veg out in front of the TV?

First, you need to create some LEVERAGE for yourself.

“What do you mean… ‘Leverage’, Colette??”

With physical leverage, the longer the lever…

…the less force you need to create change.

EMOTIONAL Leverage is similar.

We all have an Emotional Lever inside us that gets us to…

  • Eat food
  • Wake up in the morning
  • Get our work done

…anything other than lying in bed all day.

But, if your Emotional Lever is too short, then you won’t overcome your resistance to work on your business.

Emotional Lever

The length of your Emotional Lever is measured by the intensity of your motivation.

If you want to lengthen that Emotional Lever, you need to increase your motivation.

How do you increase your motivation?

If you see the cost of not working on your business today…

…and magnify that cost over time…

…the motivational effect is magnified.

PLUS, your Emotional Lever gets LONGER.

For example, what is choosing to stay in your comfort zone COSTING you?


…5 years from now?

…10 years from now?

…and even 20 years from now?

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(Those answers should HURT a bit.)

What will you GAIN by choosing to be courageous and take action?

Who will you be able to help?

How will that feel?

Who will you become as a result?

Where will that path lead you 5 years from now?

10 years from now?

20 years from now?

The length of your Emotional Lever is measured by the intensity of your motivation.”

If you’ve taken the time to dive deeply into both paths…

…congratulations, you have just lengthened your emotional lever!

What might have seemed comfortable before…

…probably seems like a horrible choice.

This little change can be the difference between WISHING you had a coaching business…

…and ACTUALLY creating one.

This is the inner dynamic of what happens when your client transforms from ‘comfort focus’ to ‘courage focus’.

Want me to hold your hand through the process?

Reply to this email and we can schedule a free “Comfort to Courage” Coaching Session with you. I’ll personally work with you to create a “longer Emotional Lever” to achieve your coaching business goals.

Colette “Comfort to Courage” Coiner

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