How to Belong to a Special Group of Coaching Psychology Experts

Joining a special group of coaching psychology experts isn’t about shelling out some dues and becoming a member. Being included in a special group of coaching psychology experts isn’t about money or privilege or class, it’s all about hard work, training, and education.

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Becoming an Expert is a Long, Winding Road

If you want to become an expert at coaching, or at anything in life, it’s not an easy road. The journey is not for the impatient or the faint of heart. Expertise takes times – it requires sacrifice, struggle, self-assessment, and sweat. There are plenty of ups and downs, twists, obstacles, and injuries along the way. There are plenty of opportunities to give up – they is no shortage of chances to stay ordinary and not work toward becoming an expert.

What is a Special Group of Coaching Psychology Experts?

By group, I don’t mean to suggest that this is an organized grouping of individuals. Group refers to coaches who are recognized as the best in the business by both their peers and their clients. The type of coaches this article refers to are those who use coaching psychology in their practices. These coaches are able to command high fees, are admired and respected by other coaches, and have a recognized presence locally, nationally, and online.

What is Coaching Psychology?

Coaching psychology is theoretically based and uses the art and science of psychology in practical applications when working with clients to help them improve their lives and reach their goals and dreams. The tools and techniques are often drawn from clinical and counseling settings and are used to help clients identify obstacles, challenge beliefs that are holding them back, and chart their own special paths for personal success.

Each coach who incorporates coaching psychology into his or her practice has to carefully weave together coaching psychology with traditional coaching tools. The coach must consider each client’s desires, needs, goals, and best interests and then create a coaching framework for each session or group of sessions.

Do You Want To be in This Special Group of Coaching Psychology Experts?

There can be multiple special groups of coaching psychology experts which correspond to different coaching fields and niches. But, belonging to any of the expert groups takes a special individual. What does it take to be a member in this special group of coaching psychology experts?

  • Patience – it takes time and experience to become an expert in anything. An impatient coach will never be a great coach.
  • Education – your education doesn’t end when you earn a certification. It doesn’t end when you earn your tenth certification…or your hundredth. It never ends!
  • Hard Work – almost all success involves hard work. Sure, some people win the lottery, but most successful people have worked their butts off!
  • Self-assessment – if you can’t look at yourself and your coaching performance with a critical eye, you will never be a great coach. The ability to honestly analyze and assess your skills and performance as a coach are critical to becoming an expert coach.

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  1. Sylvia Reid says

    Ditto to the four S’s that are prerequisites to becoming an expert -sacrifice, struggle, self-assessment, and sweat! Nothing comes easy. If you want something you must work hard for it!

  2. Kyrie says

    The author lists patience, continuing education, hard work, and self-assessment as the yardstick for expertise in a coaching career or any other career for that matter. I do agree with him!

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