How to Become a Relationship Expert: The Best Way to Increase Your Relationship Coach Salary

I don’t have any secrets to how to become a relationship expert, except through real life experience.  It’s not the fastest or easiest way, but it is the best way to increase your relationship coach salary.  Any other way will be an empty victory if you don’t know how to become a relationship expert in your own life.  If you can do that, you can command whatever relationship coach salary you like.

How to Become a Relationship Expert By Looking at Your Relationships

The first step of how to become a relationship expert is to take inventory of your own relationships, and how they are working.  Be honest and ruthless with yourself.  Don’t just try to look good so you can justify your relationship coach salary.  Look at your relationships with your spouse, business partners, friends, family, in-laws and out-laws.  How are you doing?  Which relationships are working, and which aren’t?  Which can be improved, and how?

Relationship Coach Salary Isn’t Your Only Need

The next step of how to become a relationship expert is to determine what the motivating factors in each of these relationships are.  The four basic needs that drive our behaviors are significance, love and connection, certainty, and variety.  Are you trying to get your needs met for significance from your family?  Or would your family be a better vehicle for getting love and connection?  Are you trying to get your needs met for love and connection from your employees?  Is that working for you, or is there an alternative?  What’s keeping you from changing?  A friend of mine always says, “The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t.”  Are you afraid to take the risk and loose what certainty you have if you try to improve these relationships?   I warned you that this was not the fast track to increasing your relationship coach salary.

How to Become a Relationship Expert by Examining Your Goals

The next step in how to become a relationship expert is to really look at your life and the effect your relationships have on the overall quality of your life.  We’re not even thinking about your relationship coach salary at this point.  What will your life look like in a year from now if you fail to make changes?  Five years from now?  What will your life look like when you are on your death bed, powerless to make the changes that are possible now?  Make this picture as real and painful as it needs to be to really feel the effect of not making the most of your relationships and what it’s costing you.  Now look at your life as it will be when you make improvements to your relationships.  One year from now, five years from now, 20 years from now.  Again you must paint this picture so clearly that you feel how great it will be.  This will provide leverage and motivation to get you through the final step.

How Wisdom Can Boost Your Relationship Coach Salary

The key to success in how to become a relationship expert is now to use that leverage and take consistent actions over time to improve your relationships.  Take life coach training courses, relationship coaches training, read books, take seminars, but above all you need to apply what you learn.  See what results you’re getting, and refine your actions accordingly.  As you struggle to improve your relationships you will not only learn which leads to knowledge; but you will know how to apply that knowledge, which leads to wisdom.  And that type of wisdom will be sought out and rewarded handsomely in your relationship coach salary.  But beyond that, you will also experience the richness of having successful relationships.  And that is priceless.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Accountability Coach

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