How to Become a Life Coach Who Can Find Their Target Market: Become a Life Coach With a Hot Niche

One of the hurdles to become a life coach is to identify your target market.  But how to become a life coach whose clients want their services is the question rarely asked.  Beyond just deciding to become a life coach and hanging up your shingle, you want to make sure there are people who are looking for you.  There are three steps to how to become a life coach who has identified a great target market.

Use These Suggestions to Help You Become a Life Coach with a Hot Niche Market

How to Become a Life Coach With a Community of Clients:  You could look for individual clients to work with, but if you can identify a group of people marketing will be easier; even if your group doesn’t feel like part of a community.  For example, some dentists might not feel connected with the greater community of dentists.  They still may have similar needs and characteristics that would allow you to market to them as a group.  But it might be even easier to market to real estate agent.  Not only do they define themselves as agents, but they are always networking with each other.  When you become a life coach who makes a difference for one of them they will give you referrals.

How to Become a Life Coach Who Provides What People Needs:  Part of becoming a life coach with a great niche is finding a group who has a problem they are trying to solve.  This doesn’t include groups that aren’t aware that they have a problem yet.  Unless your clients know they have a need, they won’t be looking for you to become a life coach for them.

How to Become a Life Coach That Clients Seek Out:  People who are part of your ideal niche already believe a solution exists and are actively searching for a solution.  If you have an opportunity to talk to most people alone, you might be able to talk them into believing in a solution.  But for your ideal marketing niche, you want find people that are ready for a solution.

If You What to Become a Life Coach Who Caters to a Specific Market You Must Not Limit Yourself

If you want to become a coach with a hot niche, it’s more than finding out what you want to give.  You need to find out how to become a life coach who discovers the group they can serve.   When you come from that place of serving a particular group, you won’t be worried about limiting yourself.  You can then shift into limitless possibilities of what you can offer to the world.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Bi-Designated Strategy and Accountability Coach

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