How to Become a Life Coach and Never Have to Worry About Finding Coaching Jobs Again

How to Become a Life Coach Who is World Class

If you really want to know how to become a life coach who is world class, then the answer is simple. Not necessarily easy, but simple. There are 3 things you must do if you want to become a coach who is in the top 5%. These coaches are at the top because they have done what most people won’t do, so they can be and have things most people can’t. This group isn’t ever worried about finding coaching jobs because they’ve handled that part of their life.

How to Become a Life Coach Who Finds Coaching Jobs No Matter What:

  1. To learn how to become a life coach who is outstanding, you need to find outstanding role models. Find the best of the best, and study them. Read what they read, buy every book and audio they have made, and study them. My dad used to say in school he studied the teachers more than he studied the subjects. By doing this he would figure out what they thought was most important. The best coaches will show you how to be a master coach and get coaching jobs.

  2. The next step if you want to know how to become a life coach who is the best of the best, is total immersion. We know total immersion is the best way to study a language, but how many people will really immerse themselves into an environment to learn once they have experienced some level of comfort and security.

    It works for medical students.

    It works for interns.

    It works for coaches.

    Now it is possible with the technology of audios, videos, and teleconferences to immerse yourself from the comfort of your own home. But there is also a ton of value in the kind of total immersion where you really get out of your comfort zone and usual stomping grounds.

  3. The last ingredient to this recipe for how to become a life coach who is known for greatness, is spaced repetition. A certain guru used this technique in his early days. For example he would coach people to quit smoking within a single session. Then he would repeat it over and over again, mastering it before he went on to other types of coaching jobs. My mentor reviews videos of masters such as this guru every six months. Not because he is leaning new information, but because it puts him into state and he actually sees himself as these gurus. We do the same for movies we’ve seen over and over again, repeating key lines. Why not do it where it really makes a difference…in coaching jobs?

That’s how simple it really can be…How to become a life coach who is world class and has plenty of coaching jobs is not rocket science! Now, as Dr. Laura would say, “Go out and do it.”

Colette Seymann

.Accountability Coach, JTS Advisors


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