How to Become a Job Coach Who Helps Their Clients Win The Game: Career Coach Training You Can Use to Start Getting Results Now

The key to how to become a job coach who helps their clients win the game is help them shift their perception of what’s happening.  Beyond just having a positive mind set, there are career coach training tools you can implement to get results during a single session.  The best answer to how to become a job coach in this economy is to help people look at situations in a way that will help them learn and grow from their efforts.  Two career coach training tools are Pre-Frames and Re-Frames.

Career Coach Training Tool #1: Use Pre-Frames

How to become a job coach who uses Pre-Frames to assure that their clients always win the game:

This career coach training tool is used before an event occurs.  Have you ever heard someone say, “If this doesn’t work out, I’m going to be really disappointed”?  That person is preparing his mind set for being disappointed.  What would happen if that same person changed his frame of reference to, “Winning means I enjoyed the process” or “Winning means that I got myself to take action.”  The second Pre-Frame sets the person up for having a more positive mind set no matter what the outcome is.  And a powerful mind set is more likely to produce a positive outcome.

Career Coach Training Tool #2: Use Re-Frames

How to become a job coach who uses Re-Frames to overcome adversity:

A Re-Frame is a career coach training tool used to shift the perception of something after or while it’s happening, instead of before it happens.  Sometimes you can’t plan ahead for adversities.  For example, what might be a typical reaction when someone misses their flight and ends up having to pay a penalty on their airfare?  They might say, “I just lost $350 that I can’t afford to loose!  I screwed up on a flight.”  Can you feel the pain and stress?  But what if you coach someone to think from a different mindset?  They might ask themselves a new question such as, “This is a great reminder that there are things more important than money!”  This mind set might actually motive someone to work harder so that $350 is no longer seen as a lot of money.

Career Coach Training Tool #3: Apply Pre-Frames and Re-Frames to Your Career

How to become a job coach who applies Pre-Frames and Re-Frames to your own life:

It’s important to walk your talk and use the career coach training that you teach so you are not a hypocrite.  What if a prospect rejects you?  You feel that you’re not making enough money?  People think that you’re a fruit cake?  You don’t know how you’re going to make it?  Questions you can ask yourself include:

  • What can I learn from this?
  • How can this serve me/others?
  • What’s funny about this?

Pre-Frames and Re-Frames are useful career coach training tools that you can implement to help your clients win their game no matter what the outcome is.  These tools are useful if you’re wondering how to become a job coach who empowers clients to be successful in any market.

Collete Seymann

JTS Advisors Accountability Coach

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