How to Become a Job Coach in 5 Steps

When you become a job coach, you are in a position to help others find their dream jobs. They may be looking for a job that provides them with financial rewards or personal satisfaction. No matter what they desire, as a job coach, you can help them achieve it!

How to Become a Job Coach in 5 Steps
How to Become a Job Coach in 5 Steps – Illia Uriadnikov ©

Is a Job Coach the Same as a Career Coach?

The answer is yes…and no. A career coach assesses a client’s personality traits, strengths, passions, and interests to help determine the right career path. A job coach often focuses on the specifics of looking for, interviewing, and attaining certain jobs.

However, when you become a job coach, you are also becoming a career coach. There are many places these two coaching niches overlap, and the terms can often be used interchangeably. Job coach, career coach, career counselor – they are different yet the same, but let’s focus on what it takes to make yourself a job coach.

Become a Job Coach in 5 Steps

  • Education and Training. It’s not required, but in the highly competitive (and getting more competitive every day) world of coaching, having the right training may make the difference between success and failure. An accredited program that has an emphasis on career or job coaching will be the best training program. Do your research to make sure it fits your needs – schedule, budget, subject, etc.)
  • Learn the skills need to be a great coach. At the top of the list of skills is active listening. Lean how to fully concentrate, understand, remember, and respond. Learn to understand the feelings and views of the speaker (client). Paraphrasing, summarizing, questioning, and clarifying are all facets of active listening.
  • Select a niche. Do you want to be a job coach for working mothers? Or, how about becoming a job coach for ex=athletes, or recovering addicts, or new citizens? It may be better to be a big fish in a small pond – but it takes research to understand the specifics of your market.
  • Create a fee structure and decide on the specifics of your business. Set your fees so they affordable for your target market. Create monthly or discount package. Decide on group or online coaching. Before you become a job coach, extensive research is needed on target market, competition, and the demographics and financials of your potential clients.
  • Plan out your marketing strategy. Marketing is despised by many coaches, but it is a necessary evil. Before you open your coaching practice as a job coach, it makes sense to develop a strategic plan for marketing. Have a way to measure the success of a certain plan, and have other potential marketing strategies to use as time goes on. Become an expert in marketing, or hire someone who is!

The More Automation Takes Over, the More a Job Coach Will be Needed

Perhaps you’ve heard the news – automation is quickly taking away jobs from the average American. People seeking good jobs will be increasingly motivated to get expert help. When you become a job coach, you will be in the perfect position to help people change careers, find the perfect job, or just stay one step ahead of the robots!

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