How to Become a Career Coach: 2 Paths to Choose From

How to become a career coach depends on the type of career coaching you want to do. Do you want to learn how to become a coach who works for another company, or do you want to your own career coaching business? There are pros and cons to consider, as well as your own natural tendencies and style.

Creating a Career As An Employed Career Coach

If you’re looking for a job, the answer to how to become a career coach will be to get training and certification. Let’s face it, coaching is a dream job that many people would do for free. In fact, that the average first year salary for coaches is about $12k/ year. To me, that is practically working for free as I believe it’s below the poverty level in the U.S. Unless you have certifications and experience, expect to work for very little pay. But if you are shy, introverted, and not particularly motivated to work on your own without someone watching over your shoulder, this is the path for you.

How To Become a Career Coach Who Creates Your Own Career

It’s more complicated to learn how to become a career coach who has your own business. Unless you have business experience, there is a lot to learn. You will need sales and marketing skills, until you are able to outsource. The key here is to make sure you get as much if not more training on the business aspect of coaching. I know a lot of very good coaches who are not making money coaching, not for lack of coaching skills but for lack of knowledge in how to find and enroll new clients.

If you want to take on this route, you will make more money per hour spend coaching. On average about $100+/hour compared to about $25/hour working for someone else. The downside is that you will spend several hours to get a single hour, and may end up averaging less than $25/hour after all is said and done. Writing emails will not count. We’re talking about good old fashioned getting on the phone and setting free session as well as running the sessions. Or you could take the longer term route of creating an internet marketing solution.

Either way probably sounds dreadful, right? Of course the main ingredient is to make sure you have mentoring along the way. Someone who can take some of the time off the learning curve and help you get success before you want to quit. Someone to not only guide you, but to keep you head above the water when you start feeling like you’re going under. As you look back on your journey, your mentor will help you see that not only have you make an impact on your clients’ lives, but that you have created something to really be proud of in your own life.

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Colette Seymann
JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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  1. says

    Well, you have certainly explained the trials and tribulations of a a successful career coach who could do a whole lot worse than to make use of a mentor, someone who can show him or her the ropes, as you appear to be.

    Keep the Smiles,


  2. says

    Coaching does seem to have taken off these past years, at least in the U.S. With expectant incomes being so low, it causes one to wonder why it has become so popular a pursuit. There is no doubt to the value of having a good coach on board whether or not it’s a life, career or business coach. Two heads remain better than one. Thanks for your post.

  3. says

    I give a lot of credit to where I am now to personal mentoring. Without it, I never would have been as committed to what I’m doing as I was. I want to return this favor to other my offering my mentoring… so this article was cool in seeing the two different paths that I can take to get involved with coaching. I’m a big believer in coaching in all areas of life to get you to the next level efficiently. Thanks for the post.

    -Kyle Quinlan

  4. Rick Salas says

    Hi Collette, everybody should strive for creating their own coaching program. A team can really grow fast with one. As business entrepreneurs get more and more experience they can have that extra stream of income. Even helps their team because having a coaching program teaches a team how to really duplicate and builds relationships that are crucial to any business. When they are taught how to get high lead conversions, increase productivity and having good retention they can get free and use themselves the possibilities are endless. Helps credibility too. Getting coaching to coach is what people should get. Very powerful but coaching in anything is moving in the right direction. Your 30 day to coaching link is a great way to start. There are so many ways to coach but what a great place to to take a look at for people that understand the power of coaching can bring. I’m building my own but enjoy reading what you’re all about. You seem like a great mentor that people can join and get some great benefits from at the same time. : )

    Rick Salas

  5. says

    Hi Jeffrey,

    Gosh, coaching does seem to have taken off big time and I think it can be very lucrative.

    There is a massive amount of responsibility that comes with coaching and a massive amount of knowledge needed! I think it’s great that you’re teaching people how it’s done!

    All the best,

    Emma 🙂

  6. says

    Hello Collette, coaches deserve $100 an hour, when you take into account all the “other” work they do. I remember about 15 years ago, when I first obtained a casual lecturing job. I thought I was doing great because they were going to pay me over $50 an hour. It wasn’t until later, I realized that was $50 for each hour I actually stood in front of the students lecturing. It didn’t count the time I spent preparing exams, assignments and tests and marking them. It didn’t include preparation of the lectures either, boy was that a LOT of work!

    bye for now, Julieanne

  7. says

    It certainly shows that if you work for someone you may only get the $25 an hour, but they will likely charge the client a whole lot more than that. So you might as well get out there and do the rest of the work and earn the whole price! Like you say, though it is a whole lot more work. One has to decide what it is they want to work for someone and have a little salary or delve into something bigger and get more out of it in the long run. Entrepreneur or employee!! How to become a career coach, as in every other “self” employment opportunity you must have a mentor to lead you the way, as it is much tougher when you set out on your own with nothing but your self to learn and do it all. What to do??

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