How to be an Executive Coach With The CEC Training Program

Interested in knowing how to be an executive coach?  How about checking out the coach training information in this article.

About The Executive Coaching Profession

Executive coaching is one of the fastest-growing niches of coaching that exists today. It is a $1.5 billion per year industry, and as the corporate environment gets increasingly competitive, the demand for executive coaching will continue to rise.  Executive coaches work with high-level executives and CEOs of organizations to improve their management teams’ approach to leadership decisions and strategies. The goal is to assist these individuals in improving performance in the workplace, eventually resulting in achieving desired results.

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What is The CEC?

 The Center for Executive Coaching (CEC) is a leading coach training & certification organization based in Osprey, Florida. It was founded by Andrew Neitlich, who is hands-on in the organization. He is said to train every member in the program personally and leads each live teleclass and in-person seminar. The CEC is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as an ACTP training program that trains and certifies executive coaches worldwide. The organization boasts of having trained over 2,000 coaches in 32 countries. They provide coach training and certification programs to those interested in pursuing a coaching career. The CEC’s mode of training is practical, using results-driven coaching approaches and market-driven solutions that get measurable results for clients and help build stronger client relationships. 

How to be an Executive Coach – The Executive Coaching Certification Training

The Center for Executive Coaching training program is not for everyone. It has been designed for already accomplished coaches (seasoned executive coaches) with busy schedules. Through the CEC, you will obtain practical (real-world) quality coach training on how to achieve more success in your coaching practice or your position as an executive coach within your organization via a flexible delivery course format. According to the CEC, one of the advantages of joining their training program is obtaining a 100% focus on practical, measurable results for you and your clients. 

The organization offers many different methods and designations to become fully certified executive coaches. The program includes weekly live tele classes, six manuals, video demonstrations, recorded audio lectures, a global community of top coaches, and personalized support directly from Andrew Neitlich, the founder and director of CEC. Also, individuals receive ongoing coaching practice, marketing guidance, and over two dozen robust coaching frameworks that can be used immediately. The online training options allow individuals to learn at their own pace (flexibility) and in a way that is ideal for them. There is much more to learn about the CEC executive coach training program.

How to be an executive coach depends entirely on the type of program you are looking for and how committed you are to becoming the coach that your clients need you to be. Check out the Center for Executive Coaching today by visiting their website or giving them a call to see if it’s the ideal training provider for you. 

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