How Does a Life Coach Get Paid: Eight Ways to Make Money as a Life Coach?

How does a life coach get paid? How a life coach gets paid, all depends on several factors which include the type of services they offer their clients.

How Does a Life Coach Get Paid: Eight Ways to Make Money as a Life Coach?

Additional Streams of Income For The Life Coach

Life coaches can generate diverse streams of income in various ways. I am yet to know of any full-time life coach who generates income from individual or group coaching sessions alone. I am not saying it is not possible; I just haven’t seen it. Most life coaches tend to seek out alternative streams of income to grow their business, and so that way, they can utilize their skills in other areas.

How does a life coach get paid? A life coach can get paid from multiple sources. It took me about five to six months into my coaching practice to realize that I needed to research other ways to make money. I was grateful for the skills and work experience acquired from my previous job roles, and so it was time to put it to good use. Like several other life coaches, I began to create additional streams of income for my business utilizing existing skills and expertise.

How Does a Life Coach Get Paid?

In addition to one on one and group coaching sessions, are eight other profitable ways to make money for your coaching practice. I hope you will find it helpful.

1. Become a Consultant – This role is ideal for the Business Coach. You will be able to issue expert advice to business clients and be paid on an hourly or long-term contractual basis.

2. Become a Trainer – Create a training program to address a specific need. For example, I offer cross-cultural training to expatriates and foreign students who recently relocated to the United States. You can offer training in areas such as how to lose weight, how to walk in your purpose, etc.

3. Conduct Webinars – You can host weekly, biweekly, or monthly webinars on different topics or subjects that will appeal to your client base.

4. Write Books – This is a great way to enable people to benefit from your expertise. You can choose to write your books and sell them via the traditional way (physical books), eBooks, and Audio Books. Publishing and selling your books online through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powell’s Books, etc. have been made easier thanks to technology.

5. You can record your coaching programs and upload it to DVDs’ to sell as a course, or you can register on platforms such as Udemy and deliver a coaching course.

6. Write Articles – Writing articles for an organization is another way to enable people to benefit from your experience. You can offer to write an article weekly or a few times a month for your client’s audience.

7. Become a Mentor – Mentoring is a great way to impact the lives of others. You can be a professional mentor or offer a mentoring program for those who are looking to benefit from your wealth of expertise. For example, I am a Spiritual Mentor for those needing help in fulfilling God’s purpose for their lives, as well as a Parent Mentor to Women who are seeking guidance and direction on how to raise children in foster care.

8. Conducting Seminars – If you are active in your community, work with local nonprofit organizations and businesses to lead a one to three-day powerful, engaging seminars on a monthly or quarterly basis. Depending on your target, you can charge accordingly.

How does a life coach get paid in their coaching business? A life coach gets paid by actively pursuing multiple streams of income to grow their business and also keep them relevant. Whatever type of services they perform, life coaches must ensure that it brings about the desired outcome for their clients.

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