How do You Become a Life Coach That Reaches Inside Peoples Heads and Changes Their Lives? Life Coaching Training You Can Use Right Now

How do you become a life coach that can create enough leverage to help people move past whatever is stopping them from getting the results they want? Where can you find life coaching training to learn what makes people do what they do? By using this life coaching training you will know how to help your clients get amazing results.

So, how do you become a life coach who can motivate people to change how their feel or how they behave? This is really the essence of any goal. The only reason people behave a certain way is because they are trying to meet their needs. Which is basically to avoid pain and gain pleasure.

How do You Become a Life Coach Who Understands the 4 Universal Survival Needs?

1. Certainty – the need for consistency or security

2. Variety – the need for something new or different.

3. Significance – ego, pride, feeling special, that there is something that sets you apart from everyone else, self-esteem.

4. Love and connection – feeling connected or being part of something

Life Coaching Training to Help You Meet all These Needs at Once

People meet their needs by the way they behave and feel, which is dependent on the three forces of:

Physiology – biochemistry, you body’s performance, actions and how you feel.

Language –self talk, and what you say to others, visual language, tonal language.

Beliefs – your philosophy, ideas that you have a feeling of certainty about

How do you use this life coaching training in working with your clients?

People can be depressed and STILL get their needs fulfilled at a very high level. You can get a deep feeling of connection with yourself from depression.  There are a variety of things to be depressed about.  If you are depressed enough, you can feel that it’s a really significant problem.  You also can have certainty knowing that no matter who happens you will still be able to be depressed.

Life Coaching Training to Help People Learn How to Change:

  1. Diagnosing – Understanding what needs your client is meeting by pursuing what particular behaviors. (Perhaps your client is acting like a jerk with their family and because their trying to get significance, but they are missing out on love and connection from their wife as a result.)

  2. Conditioning – Your client will create a habit from anything they do for 30 days, such as affirmations, new activities, new emotions, etc..

  3. Leverage – Show your client what needs of theirs are not getting met, and cause them to feel that loss. Then project that loss into the future. Then help them to link pleasure to making the change.

  4. Create peer group support to reinforce their behaviors.  Your clients peer group has influence over whether the change will last.

  5. Find empowering alternatives – Alternatives, by this time, should become clear. Help your client by asking them questions and allowing them to discover these for themselves instead of having you tell them.

How do You Become a Life Coach Who Can Discover Someone Else’s “Needs Pattern”?

  1. Look at their vehicles (the things they regularly do, be, and have in life). Are they a stay at home mom or CEO?  Do they have a nice car, or a nice family?  Do they work out at the gym or do they smoke pot?

  2. Teach them the 4 basic needs (see above) and ask them how they think they are meeting their needs (and with what vehicles they are meeting their needs).  Ask them what needs they feel they are not meeting and why.

  3. Notice how they use their three forces (see above) and what emotions (their fuel(s) of choice) they are using. Fear may meet the need for certainty by ‘petrifying’ your client so they stay where they are.  Anger may meet the need for significance by making people sit up and pay attention to them.

How do you become a life coach Who Can Identify What YOU Need to Change?

Ask yourself these four questions:

  1. What are your top 2 needs?

  2. What are the vehicles that meet them?

  3. How do you meet your needs by NOT changing? Look at your fuel of choice and beliefs.

  4. How do you become a life coach who can get more of your needs met at a HIGHER LEVEL when you change?

Colette Seymann and Jeffrey T. Sooey

JTS Advisors coaches

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