How a Life Coach Disciplines Us

A coach disciplines us for many reasons. When thinking about a coach who uses discipline, most people think of athletic coaches. A sports coach who yells at their players and chastises them in front of the entire team. Or, a coach who makes his players run extra wind sprints because they failed to execute properly.

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Coaching Tips

It’s Not Just Athletic Coaches Disciplining Us

But, it’s not just athletic coaches who disciplines us, a life coach disciplines us in other ways. Sure, the life coach won’t be making you run wind sprints, or do push ups until you collapse on the floor. But, a life coach disciplines us in other ways using more subtle and less strenuous methods.

Life Coaches Teaches Discipline

Your life coach isn’t going to get in your face and start screaming (or, at least you hope not!), or make you drop ad do one hundred push ups, but a life coach will talk about discipline and help clients find ways to create their own discipline.

The Difference Between Discipline and Discipline

Discipline I athletics is usually thought of as punishment – more wind sprint, longer practices, more push ups, and more yelling. But, when referring to discipline in life coaching, we are talking about the ways a life coach can help clients create discipline in their lives to reach their goals and dreams.

A coach disciplines us to help us discipline ourselves!

A Coach Disciplines Us So We Can Achieve

Here is how a life coach will use discipline to get us to improve our lives and achieve those things in life we dream of:

  • Evaluate your life without bias – a life coach will properly assess where you are in life.
  • Identify your goals and dreams and assess if they are realistic. Sure, people have been saying that you can be anything you want to be since you were a little kid. However, the stark truth is you can’t be anything you want to be…but, you can be most things you want to be, and a life coach will help you assess whether your dreams have a chance.
  • Explore the obstacles that have prevented you from getting what you want and have held you back from achieving your goals and dreams.
  • Honestly analyze your behavior – certain behaviors and choices may be holding you back. A life coach can honestly and bluntly help you explore the reasons for this behavior and then offer disciplined ways to eliminate these negative behaviors
  • Help you design a road map to lead your to your goals. The road map must be disciplined and provide for alternative routes to your achievement.
  • Most importantly, a life coach will help you assess any progress (or lack of) on the way to your goals and dreams. This outside analysis is where a life coach can give you a kick in the butt to get going. A life coach won’t be screaming in your face, but he or she will be pointing out any issues or problems and inspiring and motivating you to get back on track.

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  1. Jenny says

    Discipline in life is an important factor in success. I have always believed that anyone who doesn’t have this will hardly achieve anything – you need a map, steps to take, do’s and don’ts, parameters, guidelines,etc.!!!

  2. Charity Shawn says

    Discipline should not be equated will the kind that athletic coaches implement. Although this is discipline, life coaches discipline their clients so they may have discipline in their life and get their dreams and goals.

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