Helpful Tips on How to Get my First Coaching Client For my Business

How to get my first coaching client is a common concern amongst coaches just beginning their careers. It can be quite nerve-racking if you do not know where to go for help.

Helpful Tips on How to Get my First Coaching Client For my Business

A Career in Coaching

Coaching is a fast-growing and rewarding industry. Around the world, especially in the United States, many people are now turning to coaches in addition to therapists, financial planners, fitness experts, etc. for their personal and professional needs.

Statistics show that the U.S market’s value is expected to reach $1.34 billion by 2022. However, the problem that the industry is facing today is that of oversight. The coaching field is presently unregulated; unlike other helping professions, certification is not mandatory for coaches to practice their trade. As a result, this creates room for anyone to call himself or herself a coach (untrained, inexperienced individuals). Now is the perfect time to get started if you are truly serious about becoming a professional coach.

How to Get my First Coaching Client: Helpful Strategies

Finding your first coaching client should not give you sleepless nights. Many coaches before you have been through what you are going through now, and they were able to find strategies that helped them land their first coaching client.

I am going to list some of them here, and I hope it works for you too.

First and foremost, you must:

Know who your ideal or target client is, i.e., identify what your niche is going to be to serve your clients effectively. For example, are you planning to work with married couples, military families, small business owners, etc.? When you have figured out who your ideal clients will be, then you can now put into the practice the following tips below.

1. Offer complimentary (free) sessions- The first coaching client that I had when I started my life coaching business received free sessions for the duration of the coaching relationship. She helped me improve my coaching skills, which made me more confident and empowered to continue in this business. I was able to obtain more coaching clients through this client. Consider offering free sessions for a short time to your first client; I assure you; it will help you in the long run.

2. Advertise on freelancing sites – There are several job boards and freelancing sites out there where you can post your resume and business information. Upwork is one site that I currently use, and with such websites, you can bid for work.

You also have to be patient because sometimes it does take time to land the ideal project or client that is willing to pay your rates. Other popular sites include and Fiverr.

3. Video Marketing – Creating a brief video blog on platforms like YouTube and Vimeo help coaches sell themselves. The clarity in your message and authenticity is key to video blogging.

4. Referrals – Utilize your family members, friends, current, or former coworkers to solicit referrals. They often make excellent salespeople for you by spreading the word.

5. Social Media – Thanks to technology, social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and blogger sites have become a handy tool for both small and large businesses.

6. Create an Email List – Sending out emails to people in your networks i.e personal and professional proves useful in landing your first coaching client. If you send out at a certain amount of emails a week, there is an excellent chance you will get a few positive feedbacks.

7. Speaking Engagements – The people you are trying to reach need to hear what you have to offer and how you can help them. One fast way to convey the word out there is to plan events, deliver webinars with engaging content materials.

How to get my first coaching client will always be on the mind of every new coach. After all, it makes sense to be concerned about that after months or years of coach training and money spent. Nevertheless, I want to encourage you not to get overwhelmed because you are not alone. Try combining two or more of these strategies in your quest for getting your first coaching client, and I am confident it will work.

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