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Are you thinking about enrolling in an online certified coach program? Well, online coaching has become an affordable, convenient alternative to face-to-face personal training. The Internet offers the ability to learn coaching from a qualified coach in the privacy of your home. 

This type of training is ideal for someone who doesn’t have the budget for a face-to-face personal coach or cannot commit to a scheduled session. What makes learning how to coach in cyberspace so appealing? CONVENIENCE! There are many people who would like to join a certified coach program but do not have access to one due to location or simply the time to get to the coach training school. This is where online coaching comes in because it provides an effective way to receive coaching advice and guidance from a certified coach.

The Different Types of Coaching: Which Certified Coach Program is for You?

You will find many certified coach programs offered on the Internet. A certified personal coach will design an online training program specifically for you based on your individual profile. An online health coach, for instance, will consider your age, exercise and medical history, fitness level and goals, available equipment and schedule availability. Workouts are e-mailed to you on a weekly basis and many services offer weekly encouragement emails and work-out tips. Each workout should include a video demonstration and a detailed written instruction, just in case you have no idea how to safely perform a flat-bench dumbbell fly for your chest or a plank challenge for your abs. Some health coaches also offer customized diet programs with access to meal plans.

Online coaching is also becoming very popular with business leaders or executives seeking a competitive edge in business or at work. Whether a CEO is looking to achieve growth for his or her business or needs a highly productive team, online coaching can offer personalized training programs to help them achieve their goals. Executives who are interested to learn new skills such as coaching, are also taking an interest in online training to stay ahead of the game. 

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When choosing an online certified coach program, choose a provider that is accredited by major international coaching certifying bodies such as the International Coach Federation (ICF), the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and The Center for Credentialing & Education (CCE). You also need to be sure you understand what is required to earn your certification. So, before you choose one of these options, ensure that the program meets all of your requirements.

How Does It Work?

Online coaching works the same way as traditional classrooms do. You will have lectures although not in person. You’ll have assignments and you’ll submit them via email. You’ll have exams although you won’t be using a pencil or paper.

Classes will follow a schedule, but you won’t have to attend in person. You’ll be communicating with a coach via email, a Zoom meeting, instant messenger, and chat rooms. Special software programs simulate your classroom and you’ll have the ability to participate in virtual workshops with other students in the program and also work individually with quizzes that may be assigned.

Most coaches will respond to emails on a regular basis and offer live class sessions or prerecorded sessions. With this type of computer assisted environment, these coaching programs are highly effective.

Online training is an effective, safe and convenient way to learn how to coach in the privacy of your own home. If you have trouble staying motivated, knowing what to do or just want a little extra help, this is a viable option for you. But just like other coaching programs, you have to follow the schedule and apply what you’ve learned to reach your goals.

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