For Really Big Impact Become a Life Skills Coach

Why become a life skills coach? Because you will impact your clients’ success at the most fundamental level. You will give them the tools to live happy lives. You will give them the skills to make society better. And you will give them the lessons to teach their children for a better future.

Just What Are Life Skills?

Life skills are fundamental skills that are needed to lead a happy, productive life in society. They are skills which are at the core of the beliefs of every major civilization of which I am aware. Again these are fundamental skills, like: integrity, responsibility, initiative, perseverance and cooperation. Typically 15 to 20 fundamental skills are mentioned. But those listed here will give a pretty good idea of what we are talking about.

Why Is Coaching in such Fundamental Life Skills Needed?

I believe that over the past couple of hundred years or so, we have lost sight of the importance of these skills both for our personal success and for the success of society. We have sought to take the “easy path.” We have often thought only of ourselves and not our role in passing on the social legacy, which we received from our forefathers. As we have moved away from the agrarian life to the urban life, we have distanced ourselves from lessons of nature. To quote Steven Covey “on the farm, you just can’t ignore your daily work and then “cram” for the harvest!”

Become a Life Skills Coach and Make a Real Difference

Yes, but do you need to become a “coach” to become a life skills coach? No. Think about it. Who else can become a life skills coach? At first I thought, well teachers, and I guess parents. But how about each and every one of us. Each and every citizen. Since each of us is a person. Each of us is a citizen – of our country and of the world. And many of us are or will become parents. So the key question is: Who is not obliged to become a life skills coach?

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Dave Iuppa
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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