Fitness Coaching Jobs and How to Get Them

With an aging population and an emphasis on health and wellness, fitness coaching jobs might be the next big thing in the coaching field. If you like to pump iron, run marathons, do martial arts, pursue Cross-Fit challenges, or any type of fitness, you might want to consider a fitness coaching job.

Who Becomes a Fitness Coach?

You don’t have to be built like Arnold Schwarzenegger to go into fitness coaching – though many Californians probably wish Arnold had gone into fitness coaching instead of politics, but that is a discussion for a different time and place. There are a few traits and skills you will need if you are going to be looking for one of the many fitness coaching jobs that will be available. Jobs in the fitness industry will explode as our society becomes more concerned with wellness, health, and fighting off the effects of aging. Get in now while the getting is good and you will be on your way to career in which you can pursue professional, financial, and health rewards.

5 Awesome Tips When Searching for Fitness Coaching Jobs

  1. Be fit. Though the field is expanding, you should expect some competition when seeking jobs. If you have a beer gut, flabby arms, and your shape can best be described as apple or pear, you probably won’t make the best impression on those who are looking to hire you. Get in shape – and that’s an order!
  2. Get certified. You may think you know everything there is to know about fitness, but if you want others to think that, the best way is to take courses and get certified. There are many different certifications you can get – different organizations, different types of exercise programs, and other advanced certifications.
  3. Good old fashioned work ethic. Coaching is a great career, but to be the best coach you can be and the best coach to others, you need to work your toned and muscular ass off. If you think fitness coaching jobs are all about hanging out at the gym all day, think again.
  4. Be creative. Yes, creativity is an integral characteristic of a successful coach. The more creative you are, the more you will be able to inspire and motivate your clients. The more that your clients are motivated and inspired, the more successful they will be in reaching their fitness goals. The more successful they are in reaching their goals, the more successful you will be as a fitness coach.
  5. Be empathetic and sympathetic. Empathy is the capacity to recognize feelings experienced by others, while sympathy is the perception and understanding of the distress, disappointment, or suffering of others. Not everyone is built the same way, has the same metabolism, the same capacity to build muscle or get in shape, or the same internal fire to work out. Your ability to work with different individuals will be an essential part of your success.

Get them while they’re hot – fitness coaching jobs will be in demand as our populations ages and more people are seeking that elusive fountain of youth. If you want to stay fit while you work, there is no better choice than working in the fitness industry. Not only will you stay fit while you work, the high demand for fitness coaching jobs ensures that good money can be made.

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