Executive Coaching: Becoming an Executive Come From Developing the Highest Paid Type of Intelligence


Becoming an executive starts with executive coaching that helps to develop the highest paid type of intelligence.  Becoming an executive requires smarts, but not just facts or stat sheets will be enough.  Executive coaching can help develop the correct type of intelligence, and the highest paid intelligence in our society is social intelligence.  Social intelligence is your client’s ability to negotiate, communicate, persuade and sell themselves to others.

Becoming an Executive:  Executive Coaching Must Improve Social Intelligence and Interpersonal Skills

Your client’s interpersonal skills are more valuable than anything else in gaining the help and support of others.   With the help and cooperation of people within your client’s organization they are on the way to becoming an executive.  As your client’s executive coaching expert, it is up to you to hone their interpersonal skills.

Increasing your executive coaching client’s knowledge and skills is essential for them to make progress to becoming an executive.  This is like rocket fuel on the way to your client’s destination on the moon.  To earn more, your executive coaching client must learn more.  As basketball coach Pat Riley says, “If you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse.”

Becoming an Executive Involves Getting Executive Coaching to do What the Top 20% of Executives do

Help your executive coaching client understand that becoming an executive is really very simple.  They need to work on their people skills.  In addition, the top 20 percent of all executives are constantly reading the best books, listening to the best educational c.d.’s and taking courses in their fields. By doing this, they increase their ability to contribute a higher quality and quantity of results to their company.  They pursue learning as if their future depended on it, because it does.

Kris Thompson

JTS Advisors Strategy Coach

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