Earning a Small Business Coaching Certification is Rewarding

When you earn a small business coaching certification, you will be poised and ready to work with a large and dynamic target market. It’s a great field, and a coaching certification will set you on a path to success.

Small Business Coaching Certification
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Small Businesses Everywhere

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, there are nearly 29 million small businesses in America. Small businesses (those with fewer than 500 employees) account for 99.7% of all business in the country.

When you think of Amazon, you don’t think about a small business, do you? You think about an all-encompassing business behemoth. However, Amazon has said that more than half the items it sells online are actually sold by small businesses.

Running a Small Business Can Be Tough

It’s hard to compete with the big boys (or girls(!). It’s tougher to sell products because there are fewer resources to use for promotion. Small business also find it more difficult to find good workers – according to various statistics, small businesses offer their workers less pay, fewer benefits, and less labor protection.

Though in many ways, small businesses are the backbone of our nation, it can be a tough road to follow. Small business owners need help, and that is where you, the small business coach with your small business coaching certification, comes in.

Be a Small Business Coach

Here are a few reasons to get in the coaching game and become a small business coach. Earning a small business coach certification provides a starting point for a dynamic career. Here are a few reasons to become a small business coach:

  • Low overhead to start. Pay for training, build a website, rent an office space if needed, and start your career.
  • Enjoyable work. Help business owners transform their businesses and lives.
  • Potential for significant income. Coaching usually starts small, but with the right decisions, and the with the ability to generate alternate streams of income, coaching can lead to high levels of income generation.
  • Earning a small business coaching certification gives you the tools to enjoy a flexible work schedule. Make your own hours, make your own schedule, and make the income you desire.
  • Work from anywhere. You can work from home, work from an office, or work on the road. You can also work beyond your geographical limits by moving some of your practice online.
  • Variety of work. As a small business coach, you can select to work with specific types of businesses (or all businesses), specific type of entrepreneurs, and within specific industries. You can also choose to pursue other ventures – books, articles, seminars, group coaching, etc.

Earning a Small Business Coaching Certification is Rewarding

What can be more rewarding than knowing your skills are helping improve the lives of others? It’s awesome to work in a field where you can help yourself while helping others. Earning a small business coaching certification, or any coaching certification, gives you that opportunity. It’s meaningful work, and it is also personally and financially rewarding.

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