Don’t Want no damn Coaching Questions!

That’s right. We just don’t want no damn coaching questions. What we want is answers. What we want is coaching answers. The problem is that you just don’t get answers without questions. It’s as simple as that. Got it?!

No Answers without no Questions.

Now don’t go and over think this one, Sparky. You can make a statement, but just don’t have an answers without a questions first. The good news is that you are the Coach and you are the one who gets to ask the questions. Yes! You are the one who gets the answers that are needed because you are the one who gets to ask the questions. Fair enough?

So of all the Questions, what Are the best Coaching Questions?

The best coaching questions are the ones that your client can’t articulate, but which they have been secretly praying for someone to ask. Great! So now what can you do? Glad you asked. Here is how I discover those critical coaching questions. First, I cast a broad net. First, I ask open ended questions. By doing this I open the net wide and haul in everything and anything. Some of which is important and some of which just doesn’t make any difference at all. Then I sort through my catch, judging the value of each item by asking closed ended questions. By using this approach, I get the client to first share everything. Then I am able to sort the items and determine what, in the eyes of my client, are the most important items. Once they are able to bare their souls and layout side by side their beliefs, they can easily judge these ideas. Thus they tell you what is most important to them.

It’s all inside Your Clients Head, and You Are the One with the Key

The key of course is the ability to ask the right questions. Otherwise, it is all locked up there in your client’s head. So practice asking your coaching questions. Practice asking, and practice listening. Practice observing, as well. Your client my not answer your question in words. But “listen” at a higher level, by asking questions, upon questions, until your client trusts you and is fully in touch with their own reality and themselves. In that moment, you can ask and you will learn what it is that your client has secretly been crying out to share.

Give this strategy a try and see for yourself that it works. If you liked this coaching tip, leave a comment or use the handy bookmark buttons below to share it with others on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc. Thanks!

Dave Iuppa
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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  1. says

    Hehe… If I don’t know the question, how can I give an answer?

    Beyond this, if a person is not educated enough on a given subject, then he/she might not know that there are important questions to be asked, hence your policy of casting as wide a net as possible and then search for important gaps that need answers.


  2. Theuns says

    Hi Jeffrey

    Great post thx

    Yes it make a lot of sens to ask the right your prospect , they most of the time think they will ask dumb Question but what they don’t know is that the dumbest Question ever ask is the one you don’t ask so if they don’t ask ask them.


  3. says

    I like your strategy… it makes sense. It has been my experience that people generally have the answers to the most important questions. It’s up to us as coaches to bring it out from within.

    Thanks for the intriguing post, Dave.

  4. says

    Asking the right questions!! Yes, that is what it takes, and sometimes it can be quite a bit of work to extract the info from the other person. But it definitely works. I like the idea that your use your coaching question and open ended questions and then clarify some things with closed questions.. Good idea. ..Thanks for the tips.

  5. says

    I respect your point of view and appreciate that you really try to find out the customer needs by asking the right questions. I think it is the key of your success.

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