Dating Coach Training That Will Help You Learn How to Become a Relationship Coach

seems easier if you start from the beginning, and this dating coach training is designed to give you a few key places to get started.  Most people enter into a relationship to fill a need for companionship, and when things start falling apart they wonder why.  The key is how to become a relationship coach who can bring back the spark into a relationship; even if they fire has died down a long time ago.  This dating coach training can help people in most phases of their relationships, even if they feel all hope is lost.

Dating Coach Training Tip #1: How to Become a Relationship Coach Who is Cautious

The first step in how to become a relationship coach who brings back the magic into relationships is to be aware of the power of the initial attraction stage.  During this stage people invest a lot of time and energy into the other person.  They put their best face forward, and life is beautiful.  They’re patient, understanding, and will do anything for the other person.  The dating coach training for couples in this stage is to proceed with caution.

Dating Coach Training Tip #2: How to Become a Relationship Coach Who Can Feel the Love

But of course, they won’t and will end up in the next stage.  This is the stage where the answer to “how to become a relationship coach?” seems easy because there is a problem now!  And the dating coach training for this stage is related to the mortality of the first stage.  Who can keep up the all that giving of time and resources for one person when the rest of their life starts demanding attention?  This is where the honeymoon ends.  But does it have to end?

The key is to learn how to become a relationship coach who can discover what happened to that loving feeling.  The short answer is that initially each person was receiving love in a way they understood.  Not necessarily by design, but because each person was just throwing out love in as many different ways as they could think of.  There are 3 types of communication you want to learn from this dating coach training:

  • Audio: These people may want to hear the words, “I love you.”
  • Visual: These people may want to see that the other person loves them.  This can happen when they receive gifts, or the other person does something for them, etc.
  • Kinesthetic: These people life to feel that the other person loves them.  They like to be touched; ie. holding hands, kissing, foot massages.

The key to how to become a relationship coach who can help couples fall back in love again, is to help each person understand how their partner experiences love in terms of these 3 types of communication.  Having this dating coach training as a resource in the beginning could have saved a lot of anguish, but I’ve seen this work with people who have been married 20 years.  Once one or both partners learn to express love in terms that are most naturally received, a shift in the relationship occurs.    This “focused” love communication is a very effective tool in helping people reconnect, and you can feel good about making a difference in the world.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Accountability Coach

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  1. RelationshipExpert says

    Good tips on being a relationship coach. In modern relationships with busy schedules and the ‘on-the-go’ attitudes, it is very hard to sustain a successful relationship. Any information offered to help improve or save a relationship is good information.

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