Creating Your Best Life Coach Certification Program

Creating your best life coach certification program is the best way to demonstrate your expertise to your prospects as well as earn extra income. The Internet has made online courses become a toolbox for all entrepreneurs and experts. Life coaches aren’t an exception to this.

If you are an expert life coach, developing your own best life coach certification program will open doors to a multitude of new opportunities. The internet will help you in your quest to get your knowledge out to prospects worldwide. In short, an online program will turn out to be your lead-generator, impact-creator, and money-maker.

In this article, we explore how you can develop a valuable life coach certification program that will transform your client and boost your sales.

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Steps to creating your best life coach certification program

The following steps will help you in creating your best life coach certification programs.

  1. Choose the perfect topic for your certification program

The coaching topic is the most crucial aspect that you need to choose wisely. Your topic must be a life coaching niche you love and are passionate about. Ideally, choose a topic you are good at, have wide knowledge about it, have relevant skills and talent, and have experience in it.

  1. Ensure that your chosen topic has high market demand

After choosing your topic, the next crucial step is to ensure if it has high market demand or not. You can check factors like:

  • Are people searching about this topic?
  • Is there a gap in what your competitors are offering? 
  • Will someone buy the program to learn about your topic?

If your answer to those questions is “yes” then go ahead, otherwise choose any other topic for your certification program. 

  1. Create convincing and compelling learning outcomes for your program

If you don’t clearly describe what your life coaching certification program will give your students, no one will buy it. Therefore, creating convincing and compelling learning outcomes is crucial. 

  1. Select and gather content for your program

The best practice is to include content in your program that completely aligns with learning outcomes. Your content should answer what your audience is desperate to know or fill the gap left by your competitors.

  1. Structure modules and course plans for your program

After selecting and gathering content, you need to group together similar topics, ideas, themes, or tips into modules. And order the lectures in the most progressive and logical manner to form a sequence of lessons.

  1. Determine the delivery method for each lesson

Once you’ve planned your course structure, determine the delivery method for each lesson in the most engaging and effective way. Are you planning to have a face-to-face workshop? Or will the lessons be delivered via online learning platforms such as Udemy, Coursera or Skillshare?

  1. Film, record, and edit your certification program

The production phase starts from this step. Start filming and recording your lectures. After completion, you can edit your own videos or hire a professional to edit them.

  1. Determine how you want to sell your certification program

There are different ways to sell online courses. However, the most popular ways are online course marketplaces mentioned earlier, learning management systems, and plugins on your website.

  1. Set the price

To set the perfect price, you need to analyze what your competitors are charging for their courses. Then benchmark your analysis against your course pricing. It will help you find out how you can offer a better plan.

To run a successful life coach certification program, being good often isn’t good enough. The program has to shine. It needs to have something that puts it above all others. What’s unique about the program?

Find your talent and focus on it. Develop it. Showcase it in your program so it really shines through. Remember, one thing that stands out is far easier to notice than ten things that are good, but not great. Make sure your best skill stands out!

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