Coaching Sales Training to Help Find More Coaching Jobs Fast

The Necessity of Coaching Sales Training For Coaching Jobs

How do you find coaching jobs? Why does there seem that the words “coaching” and “sales” don’t go together? Unless you plan on becoming a volunteer coach, you will need to find some coaching sales training. Unless you already have a full schedule of paying clients.

But coaching sales training doesn’t just mean making cold calls and running free sessions. Here are 3 steps to finding coaching jobs and making more money.

Coaching Sales Training for Coaching Jobs, Step ONE:  The ‘Magic Bullet’

The first step in this coaching sales training is to think about the “magic bullet” you can offer to your clients. A magic bullet is a simple, fun, and easy trick or tip that you can give your clients that they’ll love.  You need to come up with the best 5 minute magic bullet.  To do this, you need to really know your ideal client; their fears, hopes and aspirations. Start with the most emotional need or result you can provide this group of clients. Make it an easy, fun solution. Something they can do immediately to get a result. For example: a 1-minute stress reliever that you can do anywhere. You want to offer this valuable piece to as many people as possible; give it away. Don’t even start thinking about finding coaching jobs at this point. By doing this you start a dialogue with people who don’t know you, and start establishing rapport.

Coaching Sales Training for Coaching Jobs, Step TWO:  Give More Away to Build Relationships

The next step in this coaching sales training is to build relationships with your potential clients. Give more away. Make a list of the top 10 problems they have. Start with their fears and frustrations, and give them your best tips. By now they have probably opted in to your squeeze page (a page that guards your goodies by asking for an email before they get more content), and you can email these potential new clients regarding blogs and articles you have recently posted. Building a list in this way will help you get a stream of coaching jobs.

Coaching Sales Training for Coaching Jobs, Step THREE:  Follow up and Close The Sale

Now that you have established a relationship with these people, the final step in this coaching sales training is to convert these leads into sales (here come the coaching jobs). Focus on their problems and frustrations. Continue to learn more by asking questions and surveying them. Focus like a laser on specific problems and position yourself as the solution. This whole process can take as little as 1-3 weeks.

Coaching Jobs Come From Warming up Your Market… The End to Old School Coaching Sales Trainings

This coaching sales training is designed to provide a warm market. This type of lead generation provides you with a list of people who have begun to get to know you and possibly even started liking you. And a warm market like this can definitely take some of the heat off when having conversations about getting people involved with you and your services or products. And if you do this properly, you will never be at a loss for finding coaching jobs.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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