Coaching for Success in Business: How to Help Your Own Success Coaching Business While You Make a Difference for Others

Does success coaching to improve employees’ performance ultimately help a company’s bottom line?  Can it be even more effective than coaching for success in business from the top?  Statistics prove that these are benefits one can expect from success coaching.  And coaching for success in business can be used to help coaches build their own practices.  How?

How Does Success Coaching Help Build Your Own Practice?

Coaching for success in business can mean getting five clients from one conversation.  It is also easier to sell this concept because it’s easier to sell measurable results.  Most success coaching is harder to sell because it’s so esoteric and there aren’t any measurable results to show.  And you can get five coaching clients by talking to one person if you coach a business rather than an individual.  There are a lot more potential coaching clients when you work with businesses.

Coaching for Success in Business Can Bring a Gold Mine of Success Coaching Clients

First, you have to know how to sell the idea of success coaching to the business owner in order to get it pushed through.  Ask how much the company is paying their employees and relative to how much that employee is producing.  Explain that coaching for success in business has been proven to triple the productivity of employees.  Allow that business owner to calculate what that benefit translates to in actual dollars?  Then allow that person to see the amount they would pay you for coaching is only a very small fraction of what you pay your employees.

When Coaching for Success in Business, Find Ways to Measure the Impact of Your Success Coaching

Next you need to keeping statistics on the employees so you can show the business owner results from your success coaching.  It also useful information to for future sales to show your track record of how coaching for success in business has helped your other clients.  To do this, find out from the business owner and employees what the most important measurements of their success are in terms of sales, widgets, or satisfied customers.  What are they supposed to produce that matters to the business owner?  Put whatever that is into a spreadsheet and have the employees report to you as their coach on a daily basis.  As you coach them to achieve better and better results you will have an ongoing record the results you helped achieve.

Coaching for success in business in this manner will help you maintain a steady stream of clients and referrals.  Especially in larger companies, if your success coaching is producing great results in one department you will find yourself coaching other departments as well.  And as long as you can continue to track ongoing measurable results, you’ll be able justify your position.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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