Coaching Careers: How to Become a Relationship Coach Who Brings Back The Magic

Are coaching careers more fulfilling than –say- the career of a divorce attorney?  Can you learn anything about how to become a relationship coach from divorce attorneys? I guess it depends on how you look at things but learning is everywhere, right? 

How To Become a Relationship Coach – A Divorce Attorney’s Story of Coaching Careers

Here’s a story about one divorce attorney who – while not committed to coaching careers knows how to become a relationship coach.

A woman walks into the office of a divorce attorney, and says she wants to divorce her husband and totally destroy him in the porcess.

“Great!” the attorney says. “Go home and make him fall in love with you more deeply than he ever has before.  When you leave him, he will be devastated.”

So the woman returns in a month, saying she has done what the attorney has advised.  He responds, “Ok, now we can file the divorce papers.” “Are you crazy!” the woman replies. “I would never leave him. He’s the most loving and generous man I’ve ever Known.”

Clearly this attorney was not focused on coaching careers but knew the secret of how to become a relationship coach.

Coaching Careers; How to Become a Relationship Coach 101

How to become a relationship coach is one thing. Being a great one comes from knowing how to help people create “raving fans” out of their mates.

Coaching Careers’ Tips For Knowing How to Become a Relationship Coach:

Relationship Coach Tip #1: Skills from other coaching careers are transferrable. Use these skills help you and your clients determine where they live emotionally and to what level their needs are being met within the relationship. There are 4 key areas to explore and you need to understand what each is and what they represent in order to have your clients see the matches and mismatches.

1.  Certainty
2.  Significance
3.  Love/Connection

4.  Variety

Relationship Coach Tip #2 How to become a relationship coach means taking this information and helping your clients and their partners do a needs assessment – an in-depth evaluation of behaviors and values.

Relationship Coach Tip #3 All coaching careers require commitment.   Have  your clients commit to a 10 day period of creating  a “raving fan” out of their mate – then reverse it.  You can do this by:

  • Coaching your client to make a list of all the things their partner would like them to do (or do differently).

  • Have your client or clients commit to doing as many of those things as possible within the next ten days.

  • Have them create other ways to pleasantly surprise their mate within the next ten days.

  • Make sure you hold them accountable to their commitment by sharing the progress and the results with you.

In Determining What is Best For You in The Land of Coaching Careers, Think of How to Become a Relationship Coach Who Brings Magic to Relationships

If you can get your clients to follow this ten day challenge, they will experience a powerful transformation in themselves and their relationships.  And you will understand the impact of becoming a relationship coach who creates miracles in people’s partnerships. Coaching careers like this will be hard to keep a secret, and you will find yourself with many clients who are your “raving fans”.

Author:  Colette Seymann

Co-Author  Ellen Smith

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