Coaching Business “Easy Button”

Last week, I asked you the question…

“What if your coaching business was easy?”

Today, I’m going to give you my ‘goto’ strategies to make hard things easy.

Even if you eat hard things for breakfast…

EASY has lots of applications…

…not just for your coaching business.

You can apply ‘easy’ to your client’s, and anyone else’s life.

Think about how ‘easy’ applies to:

  • Business / career
  • Finances
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Time
  • Problems
  • Goals
  • Emotions

How many of those areas do you think your client ‘makes hard’?

What’s at stake in the conversation of ‘making things easy’?

Your life…

your client’s life…

…and anyone’s life you touch.

I DO think your coaching business is a great start to applying the ‘easy’ principle.


Because then you’ll be a shining example of what’s possible

…and YOU, in turn, show your clients ‘the way’.

Personally, I’m a lightweight when it comes to doing the ‘hard stuff’…

…so I’ve had to learn to make things as easy as possible for me.

Here are the ways to make your coaching business easy:


The fastest way to shift thinking (and coaches are masters of this)…


Think about the hardest part of the coaching business you can imagine right now…

What if that part of your coaching business was actually easy?

  • What would it be like?
  • How would you make it easy?
  • What would it take to make it easy?
  • What would it look like if it was easy?

Just asking these questions should start to bring up some creative ideas.

Here are a few more advanced questions:

  • What makes this HARD?
  • What could get me past the hard part?
  • What might reduce the difficulty?
  • What’s missing that could make this easier?
  • Who would I need to be in order for this to be easy?
  • Who am I being that makes it so hard for me?

Small Bites

Ever heard the phrase “bitten off more than you can chew”?

When you take an already hard project…

…and then try to do it all at once…

…what do you expect??

Baby bitting a watermelon

When you’re the only one that ‘handles at all’…

Then, of course, it’s going to feel much harder than it really has to be.

If you know you have a 100 hour project to build your website…

…why not face it in small bites?

Do 2 hours of work each week on that website.

In one year, the project is done…

…and you only worked 2 hours a week!

Sound easy?

It’s surprising how many coaches never do it…

…so they don’t have a website AT ALL.

Here’s another approach to building that website in small bites:

Divide the website up into parts that are much smaller than the whole.

Work on one part at a time, before moving onto the next part.

I do this when I’m about to plow into a large technical project.

I’ll brainstorm all the moving parts.

I outline the whole thing in my checklist application.

Flash sale checklist

Then I start checking boxes.

The secret is…

never move on to the next part of the outline…

…until all the boxes are checked for the FIRST PART.

Completed flash sale checklist

You’d be amazed at how easy project work becomes when you’re focused on ONE ‘SMALL BITE’ AT A TIME.


Take your ‘hard project’…

…and delegate it to someone else.

Usually, most of the tasks and projects that you think are very hard can

be done by someone else for between $10 and $20 per hour.

And the good news is that the ‘gig workers’ you hire for this stuff…

…they LOVE the same task that you HATE!

In fact, there are armies of english-speaking, ‘overseas workers’ that will usually do a hard task for you…

…for between $3 and $7 per hour.

One of the Best ways to make something easy is not to do it at all!

One of the Best ways to make something easy is not to do it at all!

Let someone else do that hard thing…

…while you do things that are easy or natural for you.

WARNING: The first time you delegate may not be easy for you…

…so you’ll probably need to apply some of these other ideas to that delegation project.

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Part of what makes the pursuit of your goal ‘hard’…

…is that you want it NOW.

Your wants turn into EXPECTATIONS.

Now you EXPECT to ‘win the goal’ way before it’s likely to happen.

Then, you work really really hard on a goal you won’t achieve for a long time.

Then, disappointment sets in…

…and you’ve given yourself PAIN in exchange for doing good work.

How long do you think that’ll last??

Or, if you’re really smart…

…you won’t even start working on that goal at all…

because you know you’ll be disappointed when you don’t get instant gratification.

Patience helps RE-SET EXPECTATIONS for the long term.

Patience helps RE-SET EXPECTATIONS for the long term.

Then, you can take Small Bites of a project, work on it over time, and, ultimately…

…get the result without killing yourself in the process.

Homework Parties

I was recently in an advanced personal growth course that assigned lots of homework.

But, instead of just leaving us to figure out how to get the work done on our own (and letting us fail to get it done)…

…the course leaders set up Homework Parties

…where we would get together in someone’s home, doing much of our homework in a communal environment

talking, collaborating, and generally enjoying ourselves in the process.

Those homework parties got the momentum going.

Most coaches are social people.

Most coaches are social people.

Getting a chance to collaborate with others…

…makes hard work into a joyful experience.

Set up a ‘homework party’ with your friends, family, or fellow coaches.

(You can do this face to face or online via ‘zoom’.)

The social interaction, moral support, and momentum created by your party does the trick.

No more ‘hard’!

(And you don’t need 20 people to do this. Just one other friend makes a passable homework party.)

I’m still amazed about how many projects I wouldn’t do…

without someone else around.

That ‘someone else’ isn’t doing the work for me…

…but they’re paying attention, or collaborating, or talking to me while I do the work.

My own ‘homework parties’ change my entire productivity level.

And, most importantly, makes the work EASIER.

Do The Fun Part First

Brian Tracy wrote “Eat That Frog”…

Brian Tracy book "Eat That Frog!"

The book teaches you to ‘do the hard thing first’.

It’s great advice for the super-achievers who want the best results possible.

But what about the rest of us?

I wonder how many ‘aspirational’ achievers read that book…

…and then put off their dream

…all because they’re still waiting to ‘eat that frog’.

If the hard part of a particular project is stopping you…

…then you might as well do the fun part first.


Because… at least you’ve started the work!

Once you start, the motivation to FINISH takes over.

Once you start, you get a morale boost, thinking “I’m halfway there.”

Starting is hard.

Make it easy.

Do the fun part first.

Do the easy part first.

Do the fast part first.

Leave the ‘frog’ for later.


Your creative juices will give you answers to the question…

“What would make this project easy?”

Whatever answers float into your mind as you ask the question…

…could be the key to making that project easy (or, at least ‘easier’)!

It’s especially helpful if you visualize those answers.

Pick the best ideas and try them out.

Your Flavor of Motivation

Everybody is motivated by slightly different things.

Some people are motivated by competition.

Some people are motivated by connecting with others.

Some people are motivated by large sums of money.

Whatever your ‘flavor of ice cream’…

Ice cream cones

you’ll never want to settle for any other flavor.

The same rule applies to your motivation.

You are only motivated by your chosen ‘flavors’.

Know your specific motivations, and focus on using them to drive you.

The right motivation makes everything easier

…because it overrides the negative ‘resistance’ that makes things hard.

The right motivation makes everything easier…because it overrides the negative ‘resistance’ that makes things hard.

For instance…

…when I was in fourth grade, I had to start getting weekly allergy shots.

Young boy grimmison from a shot

I didn’t want to get a shot at all!

My mother, acting as a good motivational coach, promised to give me a small

toy after each shot.

Considering ‘toys’ were my main motivation in life at the time…

These shots, however painful and concerning they were…

…became an opportunity for fun.

I remember actually being motivated to go get my next shot.

My own personal motivation had made a ‘hard thing’…


Think about the hard part of your ‘dream project’.

What motivation would make you want to do it?

How can you add your own flavor of ice cream to this hard project?

Once you’ve added that flavor, what was once hard…

…will get easier.


I vividly remember a session I had with my coach…

I was complaining about different aspects of my life.

I was resisting all the hard things.

I was trying to avoid life’s pain.

His coaching for me?

“Life is suffering.”

“You seem to be resisting the suffering in your life.”

“You seem to think that you are the exception to the rule that life is


“As long as you don’t accept that life is suffering, then you won’t accept


“As soon as you GET that life is suffering…

The suffering disappears.”

THAT was a breakthrough for me.

So, I started a weird mantra when I faced hard things in my life.

I would say to myself “Life is suffering.”

Over, and over, and over again…

Not only did I get myself through lots of hard tasks…

…but the suffering DID disappear, just like my coach promised!

The real suffering in my life was coming from RESISTING the suffering…

not the suffering itself.

The ultimate way to get past the hard things

face the hard things…

…get them done…

…make them easy

…and ultimately conquer them?

Accept the hard things.

Accept the suffering.

Stop resisting the suffering.

The best way I can coach you to do that?

Appreciate that suffering…

Hard things…


…is part of life.

If you want to get away from hard things.

If you want to get away from suffering.

Then you actually want to get away from life.

Why not embrace life?

Why not accept life?

Why not live life?

If you truly accept, embrace, and live life…

Then you also will accept, embrace, and live your own suffering.

And that’s not “easy”…

But that’s what it is…

…to be truly alive.

Jeffrey “No Suffering” Sooey

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