Coaches Training You Need to Survive if You are to Become a Relationship Coach in This Economy

Is it a Bull Market for You if You Become a Relationship Coach?

This may be one of the greatest opportunities to become a relationship coach, if you have the right coaches training. It may be a bear market for stocks, but it doesn’t have to be a bear market for relationships, or a bear market for coaches (especially if you who have decided to become a relationship coach). Here are the basics of coaches training you need to survive in this niche.

The Need for Relationship Coaching in This Economy

Tbecome a relationship coach, you need to understand the value of an intact relationship. In most states if a marriage (common law or otherwise) ends up in divorce all the assets are divided equally. That might mean selling a house in this market. Ouch. If you become a relationship coach who can offer solutions, how much would that mean from a strictly financial point of view to your client? It doesn’t take a lot of coaches training to figure out the math.

Coaches Training for Becoming a Relationship Coach

You will also need to recognize the effect that masculine and feminine energies play to become a relationship coach. What happens in a household where the primary breadwinner is a man, and he gets laid off? Most likely that will be a blow to his masculinity, especially if his work makes him feel good about himself as a provider for his family. What if his wife tends to act more masculine when she is stressed? What if she gets a job which puts her in a dominant role where she often needs to use more masculine traits? The masculine and feminine dynamics can change suddenly and cause trouble in the relationship. If both sides are aware of these dynamics, shifts can happen within a single coaching session. And most people don’t understand this unless they have had specificoaches training.

Helping people find their identity within the context of their relationship, despite circumstances is another value you can provide your clients if you get some really good coaches training and become a relationship coach. I went skiing with my husband and in the shuffle to get onto the lift, a man accidentally sat between the two of us. He playfully and politely said, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to come between you.” I smiled because I knew that there was really nothing that could come between my husband and I unless we allowed it. That type of certainty in a relationship is something you can help people achieve if you become a relationship coach. And that’s real value in any market.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Accountability Coach

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  1. James Thomas says

    …just did some research for a presentation on adult attachment styles… turns out that learning male and female differences are vital to understanding and working with relationship. Good article, and great reminder!

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