Christian Mickelsen Products And Your Coaching Business

Christian Mickelsen products have been highly recommended by many professionals in the personal development and coaching industry. These products are helping to change lives around the globe.

Christian Mickelsen Products And Your Coaching Business

Who is Christian Mickelsen?

Christian Mickelsen is one of the leading authorities on personal coaching and personal development. He has been a personal coach for over eighteen years and is a trainer to coaches. Mickelsen is a self-made millionaire who started from nothing and worked his way up to become the owner of a multi-million-dollar coaching business. He has helped hundreds of thousands around the world experience the life-changing power of coaching. Mickelsen is the author of four number one best-selling books and they can be found on popular sites including Amazon and Thriftbooks. He served for two years on the Board of Directors for the International Association of Coaching (IAC) and has created numerous support groups and products to help coaches become financially successful.

Christian Mickelsen is known for his online & video training programs, high-end coaching programs, and best-selling books. The products have helped personal coaches in reaching their clients, growing successful businesses and making a difference in the world. He has developed programs and live events that have profoundly impacted the lives of his clients.

Christian Mickelsen Products: A Must-Have in Your Library

Over the years, Mickelsen has produced several products and resources for his coaching clients such as the Free Sessions That Sell video training which was launched in 2018. He has also made available for free one of his best-selling books. “Get Clients Today: How To Get A Surge Of New, High Paying Coaching Clients Today And Every Day. The book highlights how to get paying clients fast no matter your level of experience. It can currently be downloaded The other books include:

• Abundance Unleashed: Open Yourself To More Money, Love, Health, And Happiness Now
• How to Quickly Get Started As a Personal Coach: Get Paid Big Money To Change People’s Lives.
•Change The World And Make Great Money Teaching, Training and Serving Humanity

The Book That Inspired me

How To Quickly Get Started As A Personal Coach: Get Paid Big Money To Change People’s Lives published in July 2013, happens to be one of my favorite personal coaching books to read. It provides an overview of the coaching profession and how to establish a coaching practice. For me, it really dished out valuable information that helped me understand what coaching was about, and how it can genuinely impact people’s lives while at the same time earning a substantial income. Mickelsen’s definition of personal coaching happens to be one of the best definitions I have seen in the business. He defines coaching as the facilitation of growth and change. Anyone or anything that facilitates growth and change in your life is a coach. I have never thought of coaching that way until I read his book. We do not realize that every day we are being coached by what we watch, read, listen to and the people we surround ourselves with. What an eye-opener!!!

Mickelsen makes you feel like you can achieve whatever you put your mind to do as long as you are focused, passionate and driven. Another notable quote that captured my attention was “Coaching is about the client and what they want rather than about you and what you bring to the table. Your skills are definitely relevant, but it’s more about how you can assist them. I came to understand that regardless of the training and experience a coach has, at the end of the day, It really is all about the client and how you can assist them to achieve their desired goals employing what you have.

If you have never had any of Christian Mickelsen products, I will encourage you to do so today. His books are a must-read and highly recommend to any coach who wants to witness tremendous growth in their business.

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