What are Holistic Personal Coaches?

Holistic personal coaches occupy a growing niche in the coaching industry. As people become more health conscious, a holistic approach to life becomes more appealing. For many people, the services of a holistic personal coach can help them find a balance in life. Holistic personal coaches work with clients on a variety of different levels and seek to find the balance between these levels. They analyze, assess, and ameliorate a client’s personal life, career, physical health, and mental health … [Read more...]

Coaching Arguments: Should Personal Coaches Push Or Pull?

One of the biggest coaching debates is whether personal coaches should push or pull their clients. In one camp, there are the directive personal coaches who say clients need to be held accountable to tasks in order to transform their lives. In the other camp, a non-directional personal coach view says that Freudian listening will help you gain access to the inner challenges your clients face. Personal Coaches Fighting? Why Can't We All Be Friends? Silly as it sounds, there are a lot of … [Read more...]