Do You Need to Get Buff Before Starting Health Coach Training?

Health coach training requires a student to learn about the workings of the body, nutrition, fitness weight loss, and all aspects related to health. However, do you need to be buffed out to start health coach training? Do muscles, six-pack abs, and lean sinewy limbs count on your way to becoming a health coach? If you prefer eating potato chips to salads, if you consider getting out of your recliner to be a strenuous exercise, if you think changing the channel on the remote is a physical … [Read more...]

Health Coaching Training Should Teach You to Ask Questions

should provide you with more questions than answers. We normally think that training provides students with answers, not questions. However, coaches should be asking questions, not providing all the answers. Any proper health coach training will not only provide you with skills, techniques, exercises, and methodology, it will also provide you with questions. Health Coach Training Should Teach You to Ask Questions The medical profession generally provides answers to patients. Doctors and nurses … [Read more...]