Career Coaching Is a Lot like Being a Button Hook Coach

Sorry if you are the last to hear, but career coaching has joined that long list of nonsense phrases like guillotine tester – nonsense phrases or titles that simply show a loss of insight or consciousness. You might still be able to squeak by as a job coach, but to be a career coach is one of the greatest oxymorons of this age.

Are There no Careers or Is There no such Thing as Coaching?

That is a good question: No career? or No coaching? As a coach, I vote for the “no careers” option. But beyond the selfish aspects of this, I must say that the end of “career” as a concept is beyond dispute and takes the romance from the phrase: career coaching. So if you haven’t been laid off recently, you must have been laid off long ago, and are one of our nation’s chronically unemployed. Congratulations and welcome to the real world of today!

If We Don’t Have Careers, What Do We Have?

If people are smart, they realize that they have themselves and their businesses. Which means that you can still be a coach. But what kind of coach? The answer may be a solopreneur coach. Yes, a solopreneur, which means someone who is scared to death because they are on their own and are not sure if they have what it takes to succeed.

What Does this Mean if You Define Yourself as Being into Career Coaching?

My suggestion is to think positively and have two quick shots of “Jameson’s”. Then stepping back from the edge. I would say that career coaching has not really changed. It is just no longer defined in the context of a series of jobs, particularly in the same company. That’s right. You and I and all of our clients are defined as companies unto themselves. Companies defined unto themselves, and companies scared to death. And if that isn’t a coaching opportunity, then I don’t know what one is!

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Dave Iuppa
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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  1. marquita herald says

    Very interesting, hadn’t thought of the changes to the “career coach” profession this way before but it makes perfect sense. Hum, I coached “solopreneurs” for nearly a decade, maybe I should tweak my professional profile with a jucier title! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. says

    I agree with Marquita. I is a term that I haven’t heard of before. After reading your post I got some ideas on how to be a coach to people and link it to my niche. Thanks for the post. I love reading some new concepts that help trigger a new idea that I can use in my business. See you coached me without knowing it. I hope my comment is enough of a payment.

  3. says

    your a great leader and coach in our business. This supportive article will help many who are sick and tired of all the hype and misleading people out here. They just want honest people supporting their growth in business ans personal development.

    We as leaders in this industry have the obligation to locate and empower all who desire to change. It is a challenge and one that is well worth it.

    People are hunger to establish a real home base business. They need a mentor, coach all the way. One with years of experience and willing to go the extra miles. One who edifies them daily and will not stop communication. One who takes time to build a real relationship bonded on trust. Then really get to understand each others needs and desires. Hey, just getting to the point to realize no one will accomplish much alone. So, you need a team of dedicated people willing to support the new person. That is what this is, a lifestyle that is a journey of amazing excitement.

    Dave, your a remarkable coach in our industry. I look forward in many years forward learning all I can from such a person. That is the key to our industry. Everyday learning new things and improving one’s own knowledge to serve others.

    I look forward in your next fantastic post.

  4. says

    Hi Dave, Having almost completed my studies to become a coach, I read your post with great interest. Quite possibly the role of a career coach may have changed given the current state of world affairs and the economy, but there are so many other areas of coaching — business, life, and what I like to call a Productivity Coach.

    I am excited to move forward in my coaching career, and thank you for your leadership and inspiration.

  5. says

    So we have yet another paradigm shift! So many shifts have taken place in so many areas.

    I like to think of myself as a Success Coach, because I help people with personal development that covers all areas of their lives… but especially geared to business building through relationship building. It’s a very rewarding way of doing things.

    Thank you for a thought-provoking article!

    Willena Flewelling

  6. Steve Nicholas says

    Great post! I have truly been amazed at the statistic that people will have an average of five different career fields in their professional life. Not five jobs, five different career paths. I was shocked hearing this one when I was younger, and even though it’s not really a lot of “career” stuff, but I’m still studying for my Ph.D., and I’ve already gone through five myself, and I’m only 31. With this in mind, it is definitely vital to look at the long term. It’s better to look ahead than have the rug pulled out from under you.

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