How to Build Your Life Coaching Business: How to Get Life Coach Clients Who Can’t Wait to Get Started

The most common question I hear is from coaches who are wondering how to get life coach clients and new life coaching business. Usually, what’s stopping these coaches from taking action is lack of certainty about how to get life coach clients. Especially when they don’t have the support and mentoring they really need to get their life coaching business started or build it to the next level.

How to Get Life Coach Clients To Sign Up for Free Sessions with Your Life Coaching Business

The problem is that the coaches who are asking me how to get life coach clients know what they need to do to build their life coaching business. They need to run free sessions. But where do you find people to coach?

  1. In your own backyard. Everyone knows at least 100 people, and those people know at least another 100. How to get life coach clients from your friends and family? You can tell them about your life coaching business, or you can have them experience what you do through a free session. Of course, your family and close friends aren’t likely to pay you for coaching, except for perhaps your mom if you get stuck and desperate for cash, but they know others who don’t have the same sacred relationship. They are more likely to take you seriously and sign up for coaching. If not, they also know people who you don’t know yet.
  2. Give a presentation. Find a group or organization that is willing to listen to your one-hour training. Give them your best information, because you may never have the opportunity to give it to them again. How to get life coach clients from this? Midway through your presentation, pass around a sheet of paper for each person to fill out for a request for a free coaching session. Continue to provide value, and at the end have a second offer. Perhaps a great deal on a coaching program or product that you offer through your life coaching business.

The Key to How to Get Life Coach Clients is to Make Your Life Coaching Business Irresistible

They key to “how to get life coach clients” is really providing so much value that people want more. Whether it’s through word of mouth from others that you have a made a difference for or by providing value from a presentation, your potential clients are making a decision about whether you will have the answer they are looking for. The simplest way to get more life coaching business is to get others excited about the value you provide. My coach always told me, “Promise the moon, and then deliver.”

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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  1. Jesse says

    Hi Colette,

    Great tips here! Have you also looked at some of the more traditional methods to access clients like signing up for directories like or getting listed on your local ICF page, Yellow pages or yelp?

    I love the enthusiasm!



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