Break Free and Fly with Abundance Life Coaching

An old adage of life coaching is that if you aim for the moon you’ll get over the barn but if you aim to get over the barn you’ll end up in the puddle in front of the barn. You knew that, didn’t you? Well that is Abundance Coaching in a nut shell.

Fear of Heights and Fear of Flying

So much of coaching is all about overcoming fears. It is fear that keeps us from stepping into our potential. It is fear that keeps us from allowing our spirits to soar. And unfortunately, it is fear that keeps so many people clutching to the carpet of our world as if they were clutching to its ceiling. So how do you coax a baby eagle to fly? The answer is that you don’t. Don’t think about it. Don’t even dare to try. No coaxing! That’s right the mother eagle hurls her young from the nest. And in that moment of tough-love, the young eagles are thrust into their greatness.

The Call to Greatness from Our Creator

It is no accident that the young eagles never fall. They always fly. And it is no accident that people blow through the ceiling once they let their spirits fly. It is an inside job. It is in our DNA. And it is in the imprint of our creator’s being pressed onto our hearts. Like the eagle, we were made and called to soar— frankly far beyond our wildest imaginings. Now if that is the case, why do so many people need serious life coaching? That’s a great question, but not for this evening.

The Question for Tonight Is How Can Life Coaching Break the Bonds that Hold Us Back?

The answer has two parts, and we have touched on each of them. The two keys to liberation through life coaching are aiming for the moon, and throwing our clients from their nests. And each of these is a form of abundance coaching. Help your clients experience the greatness of the world and their part in it. Do not try to move them in tiny steps off the carpet and into the air. Help them see that they are called to greatness and the rest of the world is waiting celebrate them for playing their part.

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Dave Iuppa
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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