Cheryl McKinney was a stay-at-home-mom of three children, who suddenly became a single-stay-at-home-mom. As she was going through the most difficult time of her life she became inspired to help other women who had been through major life upheavals of their own. She enrolled in the JTS Quickstart Coaching Code program to learn how she could help other women to change their lives. Through the program she not only learned how she could help others, but she found the knowledge, strength, and encouragement to powerfully change her own life. This experience led Cheryl towards beginning her blog called Your Reformation which encourages people to overcome life altering circumstances.

Cheryl lives in New England with her three effervescent children. In addition to raising her children, contributing to Coaches Training Blog, and coaching people towards reforming their lives, she is dedicated to serving in the Emergency Medical Services field as an EMT. She was born a natural bookworm and loves music. She also has a passion for writing and is the owner of Word Barista.