How to Become a Relationship Coach During a Recession By Finding Coaching Jobs With Couples Who Have Been affected by a Layoff

How do You Become a Relationship Coach in This Economy?

Money is tight, and November job losses hit a 30 year low. Since money (or lack of) is the number one stressor in marriage, someone who has become a relationship coach can really be of value to a couple who experienced a job loss. During severe economic stress, couples may struggle not only with how to keep their finances afloat, but also with how to work as a team and combat negativity from affecting their marriage. Where there is hardship, there is also opportunity. And if you are a highly skilled coach you can get results, you will have plenty of coaching jobs.

Where Will You Find Coaching Jobs?

Top tips to become a relationship coach who can turn things around, one couple at a time, and get all the coaching jobs you can handle:

  • Tame the Tension:  Right now, most layoffs are happening because of the economy and not because of poor performance by an individual employee. Have your clients make a pact to keep their relationship a safe and blame-free zone during this tough time. Using assessments can help couples understand how the layoff effects the other person thought their personality filters. Without assessments, it may be one of the toughest coaching jobs you take on.
  • Consider Medical Insurance Options:  A layoff usually means loss of employer sponsored medical insurance. While your clients may be eligible for insurance through a COBRA plan, it is usually very expensive. Have your clients research costs involved with switching insurance to other’s health plan. Become a relationship coach who can provide accountability, because your clients will need to take action quickly.
  • Encourage Teamwork:  Encourage the couple to work on the problem together. Perhaps they could spend time together working on a resume. Discussing strengths and accomplishments will not only produce a strong resume, but it will also help the jobless partner feel that the other sees his or her strengths. Have the couple leverage both of their networks to find out what jobs are out there. The coaching jobs you take on may include helping both sides get some certainty in a trying time.
  • Consider all options:  Encourage the couple to look at all their options…including temporary employment, getting additional training, or looking at new career options. Become a relationship coach who knows how to use assessments to help in determining if a career is in line with your clients’ values and strengths, or if changing careers might be the best long term strategy. Freelance work might be an opportunity to bring in some extra money and may even open doors to permanent opportunities.
  • Cut costs:  Become a relationship coach who can help clients reduce expenses where possible, and work to live on one salary. Once both people are back to work, they will be in a great position to save money and improve their financial future.

Finding coaching jobs in a tough economy is not only possible, but may be much more rewarding because of the potential to make a larger impact.

Colette Seymann

Accountability Coach, JTS Advisors

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