Become a Parenting Coach; and Get Exited About The Potential Salary of a Life Coach

What is a parenting coach? How do you become a parenting coach? What skills do you need to become a parenting coach who is an invaluable resource for your clients? Since the salary of a life coach depends on getting clients, where do you find them? How can you find a steady stream of clients you need to sustain the salary of a life coach so you can coach full time?

The Shot Gun Approach Will ‘Kill’ The Salary of a Life Coach (Avoid When You Become a Parenting Coach)

The first question to ask if you want to become a parenting coach is “who is your ideal client?”  “Parenting Coach” is so general, that few if any potential clients will identify you as their ideal solution. But if you become a parenting coach for adolescent teens with autism, there are people who will say, “This person will be able to help me!” Most coaches try to be everything to everybody, afraid that they will miss out on business. Those who try this shot gun approach often find that the salary of a life coach is not enough to pay the bills. The only way to effectively market is to really know your clients and what they need. If someone outside your niche wants coaching, you are still free to help them.

Thinking About the Salary of a Life Coach?  Become an Expert When You Become a Parenting Coach to Boost It Upwards

After you identify your target market, you will want to become a parenting coach who is perceived as the expert in your niche. The salary of a life coach who is perceived as an expert will be higher than someone who doesn’t specialize. The fastest way to do this is to give lectures and talks to your target group; either live or via teleconference. Most coaches know that this can be effective, but few actually do it. Why? The most common fear is that they don’t feel they know enough. What is the worst thing that can happen? You don’t have the answer? Perfect! You now can ask permission to get back to that person with the information. People will appreciate you and your honesty, and that is the first step of developing a coaching relationship.

Get The Highest Salary of a Life Coach by Becoming a Parenting Coach on The Internet

You can also become a parenting coach who finds clients on the internet. There are lots of ways to do this, and the simplest way is to start conversations on the internet. Find groups to join, or start groups. Blogs are another way to offer information to people searching the web for answers, and in the process get people to know you. Effective marketing and treating coaching as a business is the best way to be happy with the salary of a life coach.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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