Become a Life Coach With a Full Calendar: The 3 Steps to Becoming a Life Coach Who Can Enroll From a Free Session

We all have this old school philosophy we have to have certain graces and an air of professionalism if we want to become a life coach.  We study all the steps to becoming a life coach, but fail to be candid and even brutally honest at times when it is needed most because we don’t want to break rapport.  But if you really want to become a life coach, you’ll have to learn how to get past the professional graces and superficial conversations.  Here are 3 steps to becoming a life coach to help you not only do that, but to start actually enrolling clients in as little as 15 minutes.

3 Steps to Becoming A Life Coach Who Can Enroll Clients with Ease

The first of these three steps to becoming a life coach is to ‘ask.’  Questions like, “What are your problems?” or “What is the outcome that you want to achieve?”  Take very exacting notes or keep an accurate mental record of exactly what the client tells you.  Not just what they tell you, but what they meant.  You want to become a life coach who can get past the explicit communication and get to the implicit.

Become a Life Coach Who Knows How to Respond

The second of these three steps to becoming a life coach is to feed the information back to them.  Become a life coach who attempts to communicate the implicit meanings and problem behind the problem.  For example you might say, “What I’m hearing that you want is to increase your sales force,” or, “What I’m hearing is that you need a system or method of bringing sales people to you.”  You might feel like you are guessing, but you can always just clarify by asking, “Would that be fair to say?”  Your clients know the problem, but if you state the problem in a clearer way than they can, they will automatically assume you will have the solution to their problem.  And by simply feeding the information back to them, it will cause a feeling of being understood.  If you haven’t been able to establish this level of rapport before, you will now on the level of a trusted friend.

How You Will Become a Life Coach that Can Help Your Client

The last of these three steps to becoming a life coach is to ‘close.’  If you have followed these steps up to this point, you can be bold.  You may start with, “Let me tell you what we do, and we’ll see if maybe it’s a match…”  Become a life coach who can talk about what you do that fixes their specific problems and delivers their specific desired outcomes.  Don’t talk about all the rest of the stuff you do.   Only talk about what applies to them.  You want to connect the dots between what they want and your product. Explain HOW and WHY it will give them the results they want.  Then you may want to give them time to ask any questions.  Then simply state, “This is what we need to do to get started…”  Arrange the logistics, set up appointments, and set up payment.

Seeing Results from These Steps to Becoming a Life Coach

If you follow these three simple steps to becoming a life coach who can enroll new clients, you will be well on your way to having a full calendar.  Be confident and know that it is only when you enroll them that you can become a life coach who truly makes a difference in the lives of others.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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