You’ve Become a Life Coach. Now what? Basic Skills You Need to Understand to Become a Parent Coach

If you have become a life coach and are looking for a niche, consider whether you want to become a parent coach. One of the greatest challenges parents face is sibling rivalry. If you do become a parent coach who can give parents help in this area, you will never lack for clients. Some parents struggle with siblings who fight more than others, but if you become a life coach who helps parents instruct their children in some basic skills you will give them more than hope. You will change the atmosphere of their lives by teaching these three basic parent coaching skills.

Three Basic Skills to Become a Life Coach Who Has Also Become a Parent Coach

1. Become a parent coach who helps parents see their children’s needs for achieving belonging. One of the four basics needs we all have is for love and connection. When you become a life coach it’s clear, but often parents don’t recognize this need as the basis of sibling rivalry. In fact, children prefer the negative attention that they get when they fight rather than to have no attention at all. Become a parent coach who helps parents satisfy their children’s needs by letting their children know it’s ok to ask for attention, give attention to behavior you would like to see more of, and give your children messages that affirm that you like to be with them and that you love them.

2. Become a parent coach who helps parents see that children also fight with their siblings to achieve significance. As children grow, the start recognizing that there are some things they have control over and some things that they don’t. Become a life coach who recognizes that we all have a need to feel significant. Help parents show their children how to feel special, valued, needed and unique in other ways than fighting.

3. Become a parent coach who helps parents recognize children need certainty. Certainty is safety, but also control over what will happen. Become a life coach who helps parents show children that they have some control over which toys they will share with their siblings, and which ones they won’t. Instead of insisting that an older sibling share his best crayons with his younger brother who may break them, have a box that both children can share.

Whether You Become a Life Coach or Become a Parent Coach, You Need to Truly Offer Value

If you can transfer the skills you learned to become a life coach to parents, you will become a parent coach who truly offers value. As children learn these skills, you will be helping to prepare them to go out into the world and share with others. They will become the next generation of leaders.

Colette Seymann
JTS Advisors Bi-Designated Strategy and Accountability Coach

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