Become a Career Coach: Career Coach Training to Help Your Clients Get Their Needs Met at a Higher Level

There are a lot of approaches you can take to become a career coach.  One career coach training example that can really make a difference for clients is to help them understand what really drives them, then use that information to help them get results.  This career coach training can help you become a career coach who can get a major result in a single session.

Become a Career Coach Who Understands their Clients’ Needs

First you want to become a career coach who explains the four basics needs to their clients, and that their actions are driven by a desire to meet these needs.  These basic needs are Certainty, Significance, Variety, and Love/Connection.  In the first career coach training example, we’ll look at the need for significance.  Let’s use an example of a client who is working long hours, and has little time for her family.  Hiring an assistant is one option, but what if this coach feels she might loose significance by hiring an assistant?  She’s always been the one to schedule clients, and sent out materials.  Helping this client to see that while some significance might be lost; more might be gained in terms of providing value to more clients and even by becoming a significant person to her new assistance.

Use Career Coach Training Tactics to Help Clients Choose Wisely

Another area to look at if you want to become a career coach who helps their clients make empowering choices, is to look at their needs to feel love and connection.  Will your client lose out on love and connection if she hires a personal assistant who shops and prepares meals?  Maybe.  But will that open up time so she can really connect with her family in the evenings?  The key to this career coach training is to help your clients find out what needs they fear they might loose, and help them find other ways of meeting those needs at a higher level.

Become a Career Coach Who Knows the Value of Certainty

Hiring an assistant can lead to loss of certainty, but you can become a career coach who helps your clients see how their need for certainty can be met at a higher level by hiring an assistant.  For example, a client might fear that he won’t have the steady client base to warrant an assistant’s salary.  Yet you know from your career coach training that an assistant might help your client get her needs met at a higher level.  Hiring the assistant there might be the key to an even greater certainty.  Especially if the assistant takes on more responsibility and there is more time to market, meet with clients and other revenue generating activities.

Teach the Value of Variety with Career Coach Training

At last you can become a career coach to help your client see how the need for variety might be met at a higher level by hiring an assistant.  Maybe your client will lose out on some variety by having someone else do some of the various tasks.  But maybe losing out on that type of variety is a plus in itself.  Or just freeing up time will allow recreational activity that will allow the need for variety to be met at a higher level.  The key to this career coach training is to look at all your clients’ needs, and help them get those needs met at a higher level.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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