Are There Any Online Fitness Coach Jobs?

Looking for online fitness coach jobs? They might be hard to find – most online fitness coaches seem to work for themselves. However, if you look outside the box, you just might find something that fits your needs and expertise.

Online Fitness Coach Jobs
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Experience Fitness Coaches Need Apply

Before you start looking for an online fitness coaching job, it’s best to be experienced in fitness coaching. Work at a gym, as a personal trainer, a Yoga instructor, or any other type of position where you teach fitness. This provides you with a level of knowledge, skill, and experience that employers are looking for.

Online Knowledge Counts to be an Online Coach

You don’t need to be an online expert, but it helps to have some knowledge about websites, video editing and production, email lists and marketing, and website navigation. Online fitness coach jobs often involve some level of computer skills; the more you have, the more likely you will be to get the job you want!

Types of Online Fitness Coach Jobs

To give you an idea of what types of coach jobs in the fitness field are out there, here are a few samples from looking at job sites around the Internet (edited and paraphrased for brevity):

  • Need someone to improve our website blog content with fitness articles and specifically designed programs.
  • Need a personal trainer who can create specific fitness plans to go with our line of supplements.
  • Need ghostwriter for fitness book, who understands anatomy and how to design fitness plans for various body types and health issues.
  • Need someone to create fitness programs for a book on nutrition. They need to be backed by evidence and able to follow drawings for readers to follow.
  • Looking for enthusiastic fitness individuals who will help recruit and train online.
  • Looking for remote fitness coach who will provide telephonic and technology based engagement with participants across the globe.
  • Work with various clients seeking to lose weight, get in shape, recover from illness or injury, or manage chronic illness. Contact through video calls, telephone, online videos, and electronic messaging.

Online is More For Entrepreneurs Than Jobs

Though you can find jobs online, online fitness coach jobs are often part time, for a periodic contract, or a one-time gig. Full time, steady employment in the fitness field is not overly common online.

If you want to work online in the fitness field, think about starting your own practice. Yes, it takes time to set up your online business (website, videos, email lists, etc.), and it takes more time to attract clients, online fitness coaching is growing every year. More people are going online to look for products and services, and this means more people will be looking for your fitness coaching skills on the Internet.

Why settle for part time online fitness coach jobs, or one-time gigs, when you can build your own online fitness coaching business? Be an entrepreneur, make your own schedule, and build a business which brings you income and satisfaction.

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